How heavy is a normal bedroom door

What are the dimensions of the room doors?

Room door dimensions

Room doors can have different dimensions, from the narrow door to the double or triple-leaf interior door. Before installation, you should definitely determine the correct dimensions of the door opening so that the frame and the door can then be installed precisely in the opening.

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Advantage of common dimensions - interchangeability

In view of the costs and economy, it makes sense to provide door openings (including frames) into which an interior door with regular standard dimensions fits. This has the great advantage that in the event of a Refurbishment or living space remodeling a simple exchange is possible. This is problematic in the case of non-standardized doors, as these have to be re-manufactured to fit exactly. This is where he plays Cost factor a major role. The opening direction DIN left or DIN right is irrelevant.

How do you measure so that the inner door fits?

First of all, the most important thing is to correctly install the frame. Our guide "Installing the door frame" explains in detail how this is done. Frames and interior doors are usually ordered together. If the frame has been installed correctly, the door leaf will usually also fit. If there is already a frame and only the door leaf is to be replaced, the Measure the "old" door. It is important that attention is also paid to the rebate and thickness of the door, and that these areas are not forgotten when measuring, otherwise it can happen that the inner door does not strike exactly. So measure that Rebate and the Passage dimension.The right frame for your door

What is the nominal dimension, the structural dimension and the external dimension of the door leaf?

The nominal dimension is the outer dimension of the door leaf, which indicates the planned dimensions, but can vary slightly due to production. Most door leaves are available in heights of 1985 mm or 2110 mm. Everything else is usually special dimensions and requires a custom-made product. The shell dimensions are also important, this is the opening that is present in the shell.

Common nominal dimensions of interior doors:

Width in mmHeight in mm

To the matching interior doors

What is a special size?

Special dimensions for interior doors are designated as such if that Nominal dimension does not correspond to the above-mentioned common standard sizes. It may be necessary to order doors in special sizes. This is necessary if, for example, an older building is to be renovated and equipped with new doors. Just Old buildings often do not have standardized door openings, so custom-made products are an issue. Sometimes this is also the case with designer houses special door openings and door widths necessary. Special dimensions are available from the manufacturer on request.

Which dimension for which room?

For different rooms such as B. pantry, toilet, bathroom, living room, cellar, etc. normal standard doors can be fitted. Depending on the use of the room, larger or smaller doors make sense. The height of a door should visually adapt to the height of the room.

Width in mmRecommended for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedroomsRecommended for basements, storage rooms, pantries, guest toilets

Further door width dimensions for different uses

Should an apartment or the house wheelchair accessible a door width of at least 985 mm is recommended, so that comfortable movement can be guaranteed. If necessary, there is even a Special size necessary because some wheelchairs are 1270 mm wide. The same applies to Kindergartens, practice rooms or public buildings. Of course, the usual door widths are not sufficient here. For all uses of the rooms outside of the private area, dimensions should be chosen, the strollers and wheelchairs easy access to enable rooms. One optimized in advance Wall opening is particularly important here.

DIN right or DIN left - what does this mean?

If you want to install a door, the question arises whether it should be opened to the right or left. DIN left or DIN right therefore means where the door hinge is to be attached.

Which height is recommended?

The The height of the room is decisive for choosing the height of the door. Visually, the size of the door and the height of the room should harmonize. In some cases it is necessary to choose a higher door, for example when the room is planned as Workshop to use. If larger objects need to be carried in or out frequently, it is convenient to have a higher door opening.

How does the dimension affect the cost of the door?

In principle, it can be assumed depending the bigger and wider the door, the higher the price. Considerably more must be expected for custom-made products. All of this should be calculated in advance when renovating or building a new building.

TIP: It is best to use a glass door for smaller and dark rooms.

Glass doors for rooms flooded with light and practical door handles