How do I merge mkv files

How to Merge MKV Files without Quality Loss

Do you want to merge two or more MKV files into one large file? Are you looking for a simple MKV joiner for Windows and Mac? It works with different tools. Below we introduce you to the two best programs that MKV can put together.

Method 1: Merge MKV files with Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is not only a video converter but also a video editor. This tool is a quick way to merge your MKV files. This MKV joiner supports all popular video formats and codecs. No matter what content the MKV files contain, the software can process and cut them together.

The software also provides you with further editing options. For example, you can rotate videos, crop the image size, etc. When merging, the MKV files are re-encoded. You can even get 4K UHD MKV, 1080p HD MKV, 720p MKV.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate works on Windows and Mac. Download the software for free and install it on your computer. Then do the following to merge MKV files.

Step 1: add MKV files

Start the software and click the "Add file" button. In the new window, select the MKV files you want to merge into one file and click "Open". Now the MKV files will be listed in the file list. Here you can change the order of the videos using drag and drop.

Step 2: choose an output format

Click the Profile drop down arrow and select MKV as the output format. For example, you can select the "HD MKV Video" entry in the "HD Video Formats" group. Then click the "Settings" button to adjust the resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etc.

Step 3: Merge MKV Files

Activate the "Combine into one file" box and click on the "Convert" button. Now the software will cut your MKV files together and save them on the computer. The process takes a few minutes, depending on the length and resolution.

Method 2: Merge MKV files - with MKVToolNix

MKVToolnix is ​​a free and easy tool for muxing MKV files. With this program, you can join MKV files together without any quality loss. This MKV joiner is very easy to use, but the "mkvmerge" function is hidden. Below we will show you a guide on how to join MKV files.

Free Download:

Step 1: Open MKVToolnix. Click "Add Source Files" and select the first MKV file.

Step 2: Right click on the added file. Select "Attach Files" from the menu and add more MKV files.

Step 3: Drag the files up or down to change the order of the files to be joined.

Step 4: Click on the button "Start multiplexing" below. And the freeware will merge your MKV files into one big file. The process is very quick as it runs without conversion.


Above, we introduced you to two tools to join the MKV files together. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate and MKVToolnix allow you to cut two or more MKV files into one file. In addition, you can also split MKV and remove unwanted parts from the MKV file. If you know of a better MKV joiner, drop us a line below.

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