What is your recurring dream

10 common recurring dreams & what they mean

Long ago it was thought that dreams were supernatural warnings from the gods. In ancient Egypt there were even sacred “dream beds” in which lucid dreamers - who were considered blessed - supposedly received wisdom from higher powers in their sleep.

A leap in time into the 20th century: Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung & colleagues saw the meaning of dreams somewhat differently; according to them, they gave us deep insights into our own minds and allowed our subconscious to turn to worries that we might not have noticed in reality.

So much for old Theory. Psychotherapist Matthew Bowes brings us to the present: “Opinions on the psychology of dreams differ. Some are firmly convinced that dreams mean nothing at all and are nothing more than brain rubble. Others claim that dreams are essential for our emotional, physical and mental health because they enable the brain to process trauma, improve self-awareness and find answers to everyday questions. "

Whether scientifically proven or not: developing your best self in your sleep and overcoming the hurdles that life sets up in front of you doesn't sound bad at first. Of course, the dream itself is only one thing; the bigger challenge is deciphering its possible hidden messages.

We asked Bowes to help us (and you) a little further and to interpret some of the most common dreams the R29 team made. And that's what came out ...