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8th Fight Night XL - June 27th

8. Fight Night XL

With the kind support of Wargaming and Teamspeak

In cooperation with gRuMM3l (Youtube / Stream) and Mootality (Youtube)

At theSaturday June 27th2015, from 7:00 p.m., the next Fight Night XL takes place, for tier levels 6, 8 & 10.


Unfortunately there are TS problems on the main server.

Please join the other servers

Teamspeak server(May change)In-game channelFightNight
Main Server (Tier 6,8,10)ts.fnxl.deWOT serverEU1
Tier 6t6.fnxl.deOrganizersSehales, teenriot
Tier 8t8.fnxl.deModeratorsthelasttrooper, BerPhi, toni583

Tier 10



Forum message, in-game chat
(TS serverjust before the eventwithout port & password)TS: f4ce.sehales.net (Sehales)
TS: ts.krauts.org (teenriot)
Special companies

Since there were recurring special formats at the last events, we want to bring them more to the fore and provide them with specially marked TS channels under the 'Special' category. Since not all information has been determined yet, this area will be updated regularly until the event.

Ladies company

As the name suggests, the female players, who are unfortunately underrepresented in WOT, come together here to properly heat up the masters of creation. At the last events, Hindenrum from Clan GIBUF was the contact person, this time CrazyDriver from 1-PPD will probably do this. Since the channels will probably be password-protected, a personal approach is necessary in advance.

Commander Company

This is where clan commanders & their deputies come together to test what it feels like to be one of many. At the last two events, BadLoki from F4CE was available as a contact. This time it will be done by mightyjosHi from S4TDD. The game is expected to start at a fixed point in time.

Stammtisch company

This is where regulars' forists come together to find out whether you can still play alongside gossiping. The contact person is AtomPilot_TheOneAndOnly from F4CE. As befits the regulars' table, a forum thread was created:

What's this?

The trailer & this video best explains what the event should be. It's a forall Open company evening of the German-speaking community, in which numerous clans and clanless players drive one evening & night together on a teamspeak server, company & team. The Fight Night XL serves the cross-clan exchange of experiences, the maintenance of contacts and offers the opportunity to participate as a guest player in clan companies. Everyone comes and goes when they want.

Why XL?

The Teamspeak servers offer space for ~ 2500 players at the same time. 4500 players took part in the 7th Fight Night XL. At peak time ~ 2300 players were simultaneously online on the Teamspeak servers.

How do I take part?

Just log into the Teamspeak server that evening, find a company and have fun. The easiest way to find a company is to stand in one of the queues in Teamspeak or to respond to a search query in the in-game chat channel. Of course, you can also create a company yourself.

Notes for clans

We recommend theClan tag in square brackets in front of the name to be set in the TS:[TAG] nickname

In order to be able to estimate the expected number of participants, we ask that you register your clan. For example, write the following: "Clan XYZ is taking part". Of course, clans and clanless players can come and go whenever they want without registering.

To avoid differences between clans: Active poaching is strictly prohibited!

We ask you to inform us if clans violate this.

At the last events there were different degrees of mixing. There were companies that were mixed up, companies consisting of a majority of clan members plus a few guest players and pure clan companies. It would be nice if clan companies take at least a few guest players with them, in the spirit of the event.