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Our remarks on the so-called gray area using the example of a festival taking place in the region: This year the “Rock Dein Leben” festival is taking place in Laichingen for the second time.

Also this time there are bands on the line-up, which are definitely problematic. In the following we want to shed light on why this is the case and why we are of the opinion that the Laichinger Segelflugverein should not make the location available to this festival.

We call for protests:

- Laichingen Marktplatz, 20.07. at 14 o 'clock

- Winnenden train station, July 26th. at 7 p.m.


All Nazis or what?

We definitely don't call the bands Nazis, that would be far too easy and wrong. Classical Nazis tend to be well organized and violent along with their ideology.

That doesn't apply to the bands or the audience of the festival. There is no open commitment to right-wing extremist ideas. Rather, there is a distancing from this. Nevertheless, there is content, statements and networks that we believe should be disclosed and attacked.

The entire festival is a hodgepodge of the so-called gray area, also referred to as "real worlds". The gray area refers to the interfaces between socially recognized mainstream music and the right-wing extremist scene. The various musical milieus in the gray areas represent right-wing ideological elements and in some cases have serious aesthetic, historical or structural entanglements with extreme rights. This enables entry to this scene through music. Criticism must therefore begin where misanthropic positions are granted access and where ethnic and sexist positions are normalized.

Specifically, we criticize the following points:

- Stereotypical role models and sexist gender stereotypes

- Entanglement in the right-wing extremist milieu of some bands

- Völkisch world views (blood and soil ideology, anti-Semitic elements, reference to the "national community", ...)

- Image and self-chosen victim role primarily as an attention factor (= increase in profit)


Stereotypical role models and sexist gender stereotypes:

In a speech last year we put it this way: "angry music for angry men by angry men".

That is of course not entirely true, after all, a total of four women are “allowed” to go on stage during the entire festival.

But a two-dimensional representation of women is also common and predominant in the lyrics: either they are worshiped and portrayed as angels. Or they are despised for being unfaithful, false and devious. That women are more than just loyal or unfaithful partners does not appear in these worlds of thought.

Would you like an example?

Two of the most clicked songs from the headliner Frei.Wilds “Because you just kidding me” (2013) and “Like a protective angel” (2015): In the first example, a woman who has cheated on is denied any basic respect. The misogynistic stanzas are "That comes from the fact that you were just kidding me at the time / [...] Everyone has lost any hint of respect for you". In the second song, the norm image of the woman is presented as follows: "My greatest hold and my sail / Carry so many burdens [...] Your hand led me safely / From every dark valley" .¹ The woman as the man's support, she is Only there for them, gives support in difficult times and provides compensation, especially in the event of emotional imbalances. We strictly reject this sexist representation of women. We want to counter the fact that women also have their own goals, their role should not be to support the man and to endure his emotional neglect.

Far more disgusting and deeply inhuman is the punk band Zaunpfahl in their image of women. They do sing songs in which they position themselves against Nazis, but that doesn't make other statements any better. In addition to songs like “Yes, we love all women”, in which, for example, the text passage “And let's stare at your bosom / Then we just want to cuddle / And let's stare your bottom / Then it just happens like that” can be found. This is not an isolated case either: “Whether she wants to or not” is generally about portraying women as pure objects for the satisfaction of male needs. In terms of content, what the title suggests is confirmed: They sing about a rape and claim to say “what everyone thinks”. Even if it is "ironic" as some claim, the song is still despicable. In view of the fact that a large number of women, including queers⁵, are regularly affected by attacks, it should rather be tackled and one's own behavior reflected instead of singing misogynistic songs as a male band.²


Entanglement in right-wing extremist milieu:

The bands are not only responsible for their own texts, but also - to a certain extent - for joint appearances with other bands and for connections to them. Because by appearing with right-wing or ethnic bands, they do not ensure a diversification and democratization of the program, but ensure that their own fans also listen to the music of the other bands. In doing so, you show that the thoughts of the others do not bother them significantly and that they do not distance themselves from them. So the similarities are big enough to play on the same stage. Again, fence posts should be mentioned here. They like to appear with “Booze & Glory” or “Toxpack”, which in turn hang around in the right-wing rock milieu RAC (Rock Against Communism).

Joint appearances with the bands “Krawallbrüder” and “Berserker” can be seen by everyone who played in Laichingen last year, because they were already offered a stage there. We've already criticized both of them for openly calling for lynching.

The past of Frei.Wild and Inviolable is mandatory. It is true that they distanced themselves from it, which we definitely do not overlook, and a change in the texts is also not insignificant. Despite the change, however, there is no sign of a departure from ethnic ideas, as the next paragraph is intended to show.

It was recently revealed how some concerts of J.B.O's current tour are organized in cooperation with right-wing extremist companies. At the moment it is not clear whether the band itself was informed about the worldview of its cooperation partners. Regardless of this, however, the incident clearly shows how quickly right-wing extremist structures are cooperated and thus financially supported, which is more likely to be the case in the gray area due to the lack of distance

Fan cult in the right-wing scene

Frei.Wild was discussed in a broadcast on the neo-Nazi internet TV channel FSN-TV in October 2012. Moderator Patrick Schröder went into raptures: “Nobody can tell me anything, that's absolutely patriotic. It's not 100 percent national resistance. (...) But we don't expect that. (…) We have from this band, so we have the opportunity to benefit even more to an even greater extent than through the Böhsen Onkelz. "

After the Echo nomination for Frei.Wild was withdrawn in 2013, the NPD held a solidarity vigil for the band in Berlin. The appeal said: “Apparently the left opinion dictators are very afraid of the right counterculture that is burgeoning everywhere. In music in particular, more and more loyal artists are entering the stage and enjoying increasing popularity. The demand seems to be there and it is only a matter of time before the citizens no longer allow themselves to be dictated by the left-wing mob what they have to hear and like. ”⁶

Songs by the band can be found on numerous neo-Nazi samplers (music CDs with songs by different groups). For example on the Nadsat Sampler # 1 on which Blood & Hounur bands are also represented or on "NS-Sampler - Vol.14" and "NS-Sampler - Vol.21". These CD’s are not official label releases, but they show how popular the music is with neo-Nazis. ⁷


Völkisch world views (blood and soil ideology, anti-Semitic elements, reference to the "national community", ...)

The band “Leidbild” attracts attention with AfD-like statements in “(D) eine Truth” when they sing: “These lines are my friend for you, don't expect any affection [...] You don't exclude anyone, you are politically correct [ ...] You know your way around, your wisdom is dominant / enlightened, cosmopolitan and oh so tolerant! [...] Stand up for minorities, go to the streets to demonstrate "and the conclusion that such a person is" [...] literally anti-social! "" Anti-social "was a term used by the National Socialists to persecute people, for example by deporting them to concentration camps that deviated from their norm. The band is probably not aware of this due to a lack of historical awareness. In any case, the demarcation from the left, from political correctness, from strengthening minorities and from cosmopolitanism is clear. What should be countered remains unsaid, but should be clear.

Völkisch show themselves Frei.Wild: "Where we live, there where we stand / is our inheritance, lies our blessing / home is people, tradition and language", "When do you stop hating your home / When you you are ashamed, then you can leave her ”. The first quote is to be understood as an allusion to the blood-and-soil ideology, the second can be understood as a turning away from a culture of remembrance that is aware of Germany's guilt for National Socialism.³

In the song “Do-gooders and moral apostles” Frei.Wild alludes to the anti-Semitic stereotype of allegedly rich Jews and Jews. Above all, "history that still brings coal" is a twisting of the cruel events of the persecution of Jewish people, which are now supposedly only used to make money. This is, for example, a statement that Leonard Fregin, a former Youtuber of the Identitarian “Movement”, made.


Profit-oriented political stance of the organizers

As in the previous year, the festival is organized by Pro Trage Integra GmbH. This is based in Winnenden, so the event is not really locally anchored. The Pro Trade Integra used to be called “nixgut” and sold left-wing mechanization articles and bands. Perhaps the “swastika trial” is still a term for some, in which the label was sued for the production of items with swastikas on them - but crossed out or thrown in the bin. “The whole thing cannot be so right then”, may now be the train of thought.

However, a change of heart cannot be dismissed and began with the distribution of "Frei.Wild" in 2009. A decisive factor may have been money. In the right-wing scene, you can probably make more money. Left-wing bands quickly said goodbye to the company and demonstrated their attitude.

Frei.Wild can also be mentioned here:

“But the band is reversing the principle. »Frei.Wild« are bourgeois down to the tips of their hair and intoxicate the fans with flowery rebellion fantasies. They convey an identity of “being different” and thus actually make it to festivals that are announced under the motto “The rebellion continues!”. At best, the attitudes are “rebellious” when the band stretches the “middle finger” against any criticism and pretends to fall “out of the context of society”. That is their simple recipe for success, copied down to the last detail by the »Böhsen Onkelz«. ”⁸


Own representation

If you just look at the poster with this year's line-up, you will immediately recognize the line “R-D-L against racism, fascism and intolerance”. This representation creates a cosmopolitan image, but is part of a strategy. These groups respond to their criticism with a large number of well-known "counter arguments":


Criticism is misrepresented by claiming that critical people would refer to them as Nazis. A typical straw man argument, as this accusation is actually very rarely made. This has a double effect: on the one hand, the criticism of the content is vilified and, on the other hand, the band takes on the role of victim.

"We are apolitical"

Again and again the bands try to portray themselves as apolitical. That did not prevent the lead singer Philipp Burger from Frei.Wild from being elected to the district board of the right-wing populist South Tyrolean party "Die Freiheitliche" in 2007 and from playing concerts at election events


Nevertheless, the band keep making indirect political statements: they distance themselves from “everything extremist” or from “politics” in general. The fact that these statements are often only lip service and strategic can be shown well by the reaction to the criticism of Philipp Burger (Frei.Wild) on his involvement with "Die Freiheitliche" party:

“As far as membership in the Freedom Party is concerned: I left the party again and also resigned from office, but not because I felt guilty or because I disagreed with the party program, that much is certain, but because I, above all, I After the discussion with the crew, I realized that it is a bit ambiguous to be a party member and at the same time to distance yourself from politics as a whole, I agree with you and have drawn my conclusions. ”With this, Burger openly shows that it is not them Are the contents of the party that caused him to leave. He has just confirmed that he will continue to stand by this content.

"We against all" or "All against us"

As can be seen in their texts, Frei.Wild presents itself as a kind of resistance group against everyone. They see themselves constantly attacked, especially by right-wing and left-wing extremists. In reality, however, there is no criticism from right-wing extremists, only applause.

Incidentally, right-wing extremism and left-wing radicalism are equated, which completely ignores clear substantive and structural differences.


These are one-to-one strategies that are currently running through the entire right-wing conservative to right-wing extremist scene. From AfD to Junge Alternative, FPÖ to the Identitarians. They all use many of these strategic argumentation models to defame criticism.


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⁵ People (groups) who do not see themselves as heterosexual or cisgender - i.e. not belonging to the gender to which they were assigned at birth. These include, for example, lesbians, gays, trans *, inter *, bisexual, asexual ... The term queer, in contrast to the list, encompasses all identities and above all non-identity. Failure to identify with bisexuality and heteronormativity.

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