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warez-bb.org: English-language warez forum offline again

Problems with warez-bb.org - one of the world's largest English-language forums for file sharing has been down for several days. Apparently the technicians are struggling with the huge and defective database. The board leaves a large gap. According to current estimates, users currently generate around 40 million page views per month.

warez-bb.org has problems again

Instead of the board, only the error message "WarezBB is experiencing a critical error". The forum has been in the "Debug mode". Access to the threads has not been possible from outside since the critical error occurred.

All over the web, numerous users are wondering whether there will be a comeback for warez-bb.org. The forum is without a doubt one of the oldest and most important on piracy. warez-bb.org is something like the English language Boerse.to or myGully.com. There, too, links to download copyrighted content are published by several share hosts.

The Site Is Down !!!!
We have contacted the Tech Dept.
Maybe this will also help them find the various problems that have been occurring on the site. ?? ️

- Official Warez-BB (@warezbborg) April 15, 2019

No possibility of contact with the operators

In the absence of an official Facebook page from warez-bb.org, there is no information about when it should start again. The creators took the last FB page offline for unknown reasons. On Twitter there is, among other things, an unofficial account that was probably set up by fans of the forum. The Twitter account has not been used for three years.

warez-bb.org: current screenshot of the forum

It was announced via the official account that some work still needs to be completed in the background before you can go back online. No specific time information is given. So we have to wait and see what will happen in the next few days or weeks. The last major failure took place in November 2016 and dragged on for a few weeks. There were also a few smaller ones, which is why a user on Reddit asks: "Is there a website out there that has more downtime than warez-bb?“The question is of course not meant very seriously.

The latest info from the Tech Dept is that they should be able to get the site back up soon but there will still be some work being done in the background.
So everyone hang in there !!!!?
Any updates we will post to let everyone know the latest status as we always try to do 4U.?

- Official Warez-BB (@warezbborg) April 16, 2019

The forum warez-bb.org has been mentioned alongside tehPARADOX.COM (also offline!) For several years in the Copyright Report of the United States Trade Representative (USTR). There the most popular warez and streaming portals in the USA are listed.

P.S .: The clone Warezbb.us has been down for a while.