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Outlook Shortcuts You Should Know

E-mail has been one of the standard means of communication for years. Daily work with mail clients has long been part of everyday life for many people when it comes to sending messages quickly and easily. You can also set up a vacation notice in programs such as Outlook or organize appointments clearly in the integrated calendar.

Like many other solutions, Outlook offers Keyboard shortcutsthat still allow you work faster and more efficiently. We introduce you to the most important and helpful Outlook shortcuts.

Most frequently used Outlook keyboard shortcuts

As with all Microsoft Office products, you can also use keyboard shortcuts in Outlook to make working with the software easier. The table below summarizes the most popular shortcuts for the email client.


Outlook keyboard shortcut

Copy content

Ctrl + C

Cut content

Ctrl + X

Paste content

Ctrl + V

Print email

Ctrl + P

Select all

Ctrl + A

Edit marking

Shift + arrow keys (left or right)

Undo the action

Ctrl + Z

Repeat action

Ctrl + Y

Save email

Ctrl + S

Save as

Function key F12

Close the window

Alt + F4

Switch between open windows

Alt + Esc

Show properties of selected objects

Alt + Enter

Show preview window

Alt + P

Switch between Outlook windows


Outlook hotkeys for email management

Most users will be particularly interested in the Outlook shortcuts, the especially for the management of e-mails be available.


Outlook keyboard shortcut

Switch to the inbox

Ctrl + Shift + i

Switch to the outbox

Ctrl + Shift + O

Compose a new email

Ctrl + N

sent E-Mail

Ctrl + Enter

Reply to an email

Ctrl + R

Reply to everyone to an email

Ctrl + Shift + R

Reply with meeting request

Ctrl + Alt + R

Forward email

Ctrl + F

Forward e-mail as an attachment

Ctrl + Alt + F

Mark the email as read

Ctrl + Q

Mark the email as unread

Ctrl + U

Open the selected e-mail

Ctrl + O

Deleting and ignoring an email

Ctrl + Shift + D

Open address book

Ctrl + Shift + B

Switch to the next open email

Ctrl + period

Switch to the previous open email

Ctrl + comma

Switch to the next email

up arrow

Go to the previous email

Down arrow

Unmark Junk E-mail

Ctrl + Alt + J

Open the Flag for Follow-up dialog box

Ctrl + Shift + G

The most important Outlook shortcuts for the integrated calendar

In the calendar view, you can use the appropriate Outlook hotkeys organize your appointments even faster and display it.


Outlook shortcut key

Create a new appointment (only works in the calendar view)

Ctrl + N

Go to a date

Ctrl + G

Jump to the next appointment


Jump to the previous appointment

Tab + Shift

Accept appointment

Alt + C

Reject appointment

Alt + D

Show day view

Alt + H

Show week view

Alt + W

Show month view

Alt + M

Go to the first day of the current week

Alt + Home

Go to the last day of the current week

Alt + end

Show same day in previous week

Alt + up arrow

Show same day in next week

Alt + down arrow

Show the first day of the month

Alt + Page Up

Show last day of month

Alt + Page Down

Show next day

Ctrl + Right Arrow

Show previous day

Ctrl + Left Arrow

Add items and files using keyboard shortcuts in Outlook

With the following Outlook shortcuts you can add elements and files such as appointments, contacts or notes without having to open the corresponding tab or press the corresponding button.


Outlook shortcut key

Create a new appointment

Ctrl + Shift + A

Create a new contact

Ctrl + Shift + C

Create a new contact group

Ctrl + Shift + L

Create a fax

Ctrl + Shift + X

create folder

Ctrl + Shift + E

Compose a new email

Ctrl + Shift + M

Create a new note

Ctrl + Shift + N

Create Office Document

Ctrl + Shift + H

Create search folder

Ctrl + Shift + P

Create task

Ctrl + Shift + K

Outlook shortcuts for contact management

As in the calendar and with e-mails, there are special Outlook keyboard shortcuts for the contact view that give you the Facilitate handling of the data sets.


Outlook keyboard shortcut

Create a new contact

Ctrl + N

New phone call

Ctrl + Shift + D

Search for a contact or other item

F3 or Ctrl + E

Activate the contact search


Display the first contact in the address book


Show the last contact in the address book


Show the first contact with a specific letter

Shift + Letter

Show next contact

Arrow down

Show previous contact

Arrow up

Create an email to the selected contact

Ctrl + F

Close contact


Other useful Outlook shortcuts

Whether calendar, contacts, notes or e-mails - with the Outlook shortcuts presented below, you can switch quickly and easily between the individual areas of the client.


Outlook shortcut key

Switch to email view

Ctrl + 1

Switch to the calendar

Ctrl + 2

Switch to contacts

Ctrl + 3

Switch to tasks

Ctrl + 4

Switch to Notes

Ctrl + 5

Switch to the folder list

Ctrl + 6

Switch to shortcuts

Ctrl + 7

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