How can I know my credit details

Your exclusive loan comparison with the hottest conditions 🤑

Of course, you can also just go to your bank around the corner to apply for a loan. But here you cannot compare several loans and you could miss a mega offer from another bank.

With the loan comparison of MONETOS you will receive an overview of the best loans for your needs in seconds - for exactly your intended purpose, with your desired term, at your desired rate. In just three steps you get with the MONETOS loan comparison exactly the loan offer that suits you and your financial situation perfectly. Compare loans - is it actually even easier? Certainly not.

Your benefits at MONETOS

  • With MONETOS compare the loans of numerous banks quickly, free of charge, without obligation and completely Schufa-neutral.
  • The online loan comparison at MONETOS saves you money: Simply choose the loan offer at your personal top conditions.
  • The online loan comparison at MONETOS saves you a lot of time: With a click of the mouse you get the best loan offers in seconds - clearly displayed.
  • Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of “compare credit”. Just give us a call: Monday to Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., on 0800 2233002.

Compare smartly with MONETOS credit 😎

Which loan is perfect for you? Where can I get the best interest rates? No, you really don't have to know everything. But you should know exactly where to find what you are looking for. The loan comparison of MONETOS is the perfect address for you to find exactly the low-interest loan you want. For your new car, your dream trip or for free use. Or for your next cool project.

Your advantages with an online loan comparison with MONETOS:

  • Not binding and compare Schufa-neutral online loans
  • Independently of bank opening times and always available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Straightforward: Just make three simple entries and - click! - Compare loans
  • And: All credit comparisons and counseling sessions at MONETOS are of course completely free of charge for you

The loan comparison is that easy! 🤩

With our loan comparison, you can compare loans online with just one click of the mouse: super fast, up-to-date and 100% non-binding. And if you want, you can join MONETOS Do everything online, from the first loan search to the complete processing of your loan application. No going to the bank, no trip to the post office - everything on your computer, smartphone or tablet. No matter where you are!

Our suggestion: Now lean back and take a closer look at how easy it is to compare loans MONETOS is working:

1. Start credit comparison

Simply enter your desired loan amount, your desired term and the purpose - and off you go in the direction of Moneten. After a few seconds you will get an overview of the best loan offers - graded according to the best possible APR.

An info for you👌

Entering your intended purpose is really very important! The reason: If you as a borrower want to use the loan amount to buy a new car, for example, a car loan usually offers you better conditions as a loan for free use. The same applies to the real estate loan, which you, as a customer, only receive for a specific purpose: for the purchase or renovation of a house or apartment!

2. Select suitable loan offers

With the fully automated loan comparison at MONETOS the supposedly complex topic of “comparing loans” works mega-fast online and very relaxed. Nevertheless, you should take enough time to intensively compare the offers from the overview list that are most attractive to you. Only for the offers that really appeal to you should you obtain a loan offer tailored to you by entering further data (especially your income situation).

Watch out

The offer with the best debit interest, the cheapest APR and the lowest monthly rate is not always the best offer for your individual needs. Other loan details such as the option of free special repayments can ultimately be useful and very important for you as a borrower. So it's all about holistic favorable conditions!

3. Apply for a loan and receive money

If you are convinced of a loan offer, you can submit your loan application. You can do a lot or even everything conveniently digitally on your computer: from entering your personal data to electronic contract signing. Finally, you identify yourself using the video identification process: Your identity card is checked for authenticity using the camera on your smartphone or the webcam on your computer. If everything is okay with the identification and the bank agrees to your loan application, you will have your money in your account within a few days. It's all very easy, isn't it ?!

Our tip for you

Would you like to receive your loan and your money as quickly as possible? Our tip: The so-called “account view” enables the lending bank to get all the important information online with a single look at your payroll account - without any effort for you. Don't worry, after the one-time account view, the bank will no longer have any access to your account. You do not have to cancel your consent separately.

You should pay particular attention to these loan terms ☝

We already know that comparing credit isn't going to be your next hobby. That's why the loan comparison from MONETOS a quick and clear presentation of all important credit conditions. Our tip: Compare and assess exactly what is important to you. This is how you can reliably find the low-interest loan that suits you best.

The most important features of the bei MONETOS Listed loan offers include:

At MONETOS: Schufa-neutral up to the loan application 👌

Schufa is a credit agency where the bank asks you for your "creditworthiness score" when you apply for a loan there (Schufa query). A good Schufa score is half the battle for a loan approval. Conversely, a bad - "negative" - ​​Schufa score can easily lead to you not getting a loan. (In this case, adding a second borrower can help.)

Good to know!

Your credit comparison at MONETOS is always completely Schufa-neutral. Only the actual loan application that you sign with your signature as a future borrower has an influence on your Schufa score!

This is how we support you! 🤝

  • Super fast and up-to-date overview of loan offers with the loan calculator and loan comparison at MONETOS
  • We are looking for a loan that exactly meets your expectations. Because it depends on the overall package, not on the smallest monthly rate, the cheapest effective interest rate, etc.
  • The financial experts at MONETOS know the credit conditions of all partner banks
  • Our advisors also know what else the banks can offer you apart from the tariff details

Do you attach great importance to a quick disbursement of your loan? Or for the longest possible term with a reasonable effective interest rate? We would be happy to advise you individually and take all of your requirements for a cheap installment loan into account.