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Under certain conditions, foreign tourists and business people with an electronic visa can stay in India for up to two months. With the previous visas it was not possible to stay longer in India. The maximum length of stay was then thirty days. India has thus doubled the length of stay.

This has been announced by Interior Minister Rajnath Singh. The authorities in India have already approved the plan. This should make it easier for tourists to apply for a visa for longer stays.

Stay in India longer thanks to new visa rules

New requirements for e-Visa India

The new requirements apply to all Visa India. This means that both the online business visa, the online medical visa and the online tourist visa are subject to the new conditions. With the new visa, tourists wishing to travel to neighboring countries such as Bhutan can do so without reservation and later return to India.

The government has introduced new visa requirements to make tourism and business travel more attractive. In addition, the new e-Visa is intended to attract potential investors into the country.

The digital visas India are divided into three different categories: the tourist e-visa ‘, the‘ business e-visa and the Zwecke medical e-visa ‘. All three visas have a maximum duration of two months. In addition, most e-visas are issued within 72 hours.

The Interior Minister also reported that several new counters had opened to assist medical tourists arriving at the airport.

Medical tourism in India

Travelers with a medical visa will receive assistance during their stay. You can contact an extra counter at the following airports: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. In addition, a new visa has been introduced: the F visa. This allows you to stay in India for a maximum of one year.

Another visa category for India is the internship visa (internship visa). This is for travelers who want to do an internship in India. With the new regulations, residents of 161 countries can apply for a visa quickly and easily. In addition, the visa also provides access to India through various sea ports including Cochin, Goa and Mangalore.

Biometric identification methods

India will also use more modern technologies in the future, such as issuing a biometric visa. With biometric visas, leisure and business travelers can stay in India for up to five years.

Apply for a visa to India

On this website you can get more information and apply for a visa. Filling out the application form takes approximately 15 minutes and can be done around the clock. It is possible to apply for a visa for several people at the same time. The cost of the visa is € 109.95 per person and must be paid within four working days. India does not yet have an automated system so it takes an average of two days to issue an Indian visa.

It is also possible to submit an urgent application. For an additional charge, these visas will be processed with priority. A delivery guarantee cannot be given, even in emergencies. It is therefore advisable to apply for a visa in good time.

Do I have to print out the visa?
The e-Visa India is a digital document. However, it is necessary to print out the document in color and take it with you when you leave for India, says Interior Minister Singh. Valid ID cards and visas are checked in India. So make sure you have these documents on hand. With this visa application, the applicant receives an email within a maximum of four working days with either the approved visa or (in very rare cases) the rejection.

Upon arrival, the traveler must present the visa to the Immigration Service in India. Once the document has been approved, entry into the country is possible.

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