How can the train journey be improved

You can use it to improve your Internet on the train

This gives you better internet on the train

While a poor cellular connection can weaken your internet on the train, there are a few tricks you can use to keep surfing. It doesn't matter whether you have an Android device or an iPhone. These notes work equally for all smartphones.

Use WiFi hotspot

A simple step towards better internet on the train is to use available WiFi hotspots. In this way, you not only save valuable data volume, WiFi networks often also provide one more solid internet connection as mobile data - especially on trains, in which the use of mobile data is generally not an easy undertaking. Previously only possible in first-class compartments, now free internet is also available in many second-class wagons. It is therefore a good idea to look for an open WiFi network first of all, once you have boarded the train and taken your seat.

Sit in the cell phone area

One advantage of many trains is that they have dedicated cell phone areas. These compartments have so-called "In-Train Repeater"that ensure that your cellular signal is amplified. As a result, you have a more stable telephone network and can therefore easily make use of your mobile data. You can recognize the mobile phone areas of Deutsche Bahn by the Smartphone symbolsattached to the doors of the compartments.

Switch off UMTS

Another move to get faster internet on the train is by deactivating the UMTSFunction. UMTS stands for "Universal Mobile Telecommunications System" and ensures that you get a fast data transfer rate when surfing via data volume. On Android phones like the OnePlus 6, the feature is often activated with a "H +" marked. On the other hand, Apple devices like the iPhone 7 say “3G”. In principle, however, both abbreviations stand for the same thing. Switching off the UMTS function is particularly recommended if there is an “in-train repeater” nearby. Although these ensure that your cell phone signal is amplified, they are usually not sufficient for UMTS or LTE. In other words: Most "in-train repeaters" are too weak for H + and 3G Internet. The consequence of this is that when UMTS is activated, your Internet connection can simply be interrupted on the train. Therefore switch off the UMTS feature. This means you surf slower on the one hand, but on the other hand your connection remains much more stable.

WiFi support for iPhones

If you have an iOS device, you have another option to improve your internet on the train. The "WLAN support" function has been available since iOS 9, and can be found under Settings> Mobile network> Wi-Fi support. This feature helps your iPhone out if the WiFi network you are currently using is too weak: In the event that you are surfing on a WiFi hotspot on the train and the connection drops in the meantime, it jumps "WLAN support" and accesses your data volume. This way, your internet connection will remain stable. As soon as the WiFi network is strong enough, your mobile internet will switch off again.