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Interesting thread, I haven't seen it yet.

Naruto Part 1:

Best Arc: Chunin Exam / Invasion of Konoha
I couldn't make up my mind here, but the arcs also go hand in hand. The Chunin exam was very exciting and had many highlights. Orochimaru appears and puts the curse mark on Sasuke, the fight between Gaara and Lee and the whole subject of the Hyuga. Orochimaru's invasion of Konoha was endlessly awesome anyway. Hiruzen vs. Orochimaru was a rousing fight, no antagonist came across as vicious as the snake at the time. The fight between Gaara and Naruto was also one of the manga's absolute highlights.

Worst arc: Sasuke Retrieval
Part 1 doesn't have a really bad arc, because the manga can shine with Kimimaro, for example. Compared to the rest of the manga, this arc has the least interesting and boring story.

Naruto Shippuuden:

Best arc: Invasion of Pain
This arc is Kishimoto's masterpiece in every way. The arc starts very emotionally when Naruto learns that his beloved master was murdered by the leader of Akatsuki. This is followed by one of the few logical power ups in the manga, the saga mode. While Naruto is practicing this technique, Pain is already attacking. The invasion was the most compelling and dramatic that the manga has to offer to this day. Countless Konoha Shinobi are slaughtered and even familiar faces like Kakashi and Shizune have to bite the grass in front of Pain's face. To top it off, the whole village is pulverized. The desperation was clearly palpable and carried away the reader. The Sage Naruto vs Pain fight was the best in the whole manga anyway. The whole toad family and our protagonist face pain, as it were the last source of hope in this wasteland that was once called Konoha. Naruto shows his head and comes up with unusual strategies to get at his overpowering opponent. But that doesn't help either and in the end all the bones of the big toads are broken and Fukasaku is even executed before Naruto is nailed to the floor like a helpless child. This was followed by a very emotional scene (one of my favorite scenes in the manga) in which Hinata heroically stood in front of Naruto. But she, too, is ultimately "murdered" by Pain right in front of Naruto's eyes, which underlines the icy coldness and mercilessness of this antagonist. The subsequent outbreak of Kyuubi and the use of Chibaku Tensei were another milestone of the manga.

This whole confrontation was so immersed that when an episode was over (first seen the arc in the anime) you had to shake your head to tear yourself away from it. The arc had it all: tactical fights, brilliant new jutsus, and great emotions. What catches the eye: there are no uchiha. Well, the Killerbee and Sasuke confrontation was also part of the arc, but this section isn't what makes the arc so great.

Worst arc: Shinobi World War / Ten-Tails Revival

Again two arcs that actually go hand in hand and that I cannot separate. Well where do I start? How about Edo Tensei, the tech that basically destroyed the Arc all by itself. The dirty earth resuscitation was a very nice tool for Orochimaru in his fight against Hiruzen, but does one have to gouge the technology in such a way that it fills the entire arc? For the most part, the arc consisted of recycled figures and techniques that were reheated because Kishi was probably too lazy to come up with new things. 80% of the time there was actually only Zetsu and Edo Geschnetzel, so you can safely skip that, because I personally remember very little of them. Totally trivial fights. Well, let's get to the biggest fail of this arc ... to the Uchiha. Itachi is revived and Kishi can't help but hype him even more and portray him as the "only weak point of Edo Tensei". An illogical jutsu called Izanami (that threw everything he knew about Izanagi completely upside down) was quickly given to him 5 minutes before his second death. Well, he was more of the lesser of two evils. We come to the 2 antagonists who somehow stood out from the Zetsu and Edo masses. Tobi and Madara. Madara is an incarnation of all the things that I found crappy about this arc anyway. He's an Edo, he only uses warmed-up techniques from already known characters (Rinnegan from Nagato, Mokuton from Hashirama and Susanoo from Itachi) and got extremely illogical AND unimaginative power ups (even bigger Susanoo, wow). Then I would prefer an EMS ability, but that would have required a new idea and Kishi has become lazy. Like the entire manga, Tobi went down the drain in this arc. Representing him, Obito is now in the spotlight and completes the Uchiha disaster that Naruto Shippuuden has degenerated into.

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