Are goods always something tangible


The adjective tangible means "touchable". It describes things or facts that are tangible, tangible or tangible. Further synonyms are “real” or “concrete”.

While the English tangible is used frequently, the German equivalent is rarely used in everyday language. In the context of business administration, the term is used for material, storable goods and tangible services. When setting up a company, one often speaks of tangible Values ​​that serve as contributions in kind. Intangible, i.e. immaterial goods are referred to as intangible.

The term tangible finds its origin in the Latin adjective tangibilis,what "touchable" means or in the verb tangere (touch).


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[taŋˈɡiːbl̩]

Usage examples

The value of our work lies in the knowledge advantage achieved after completion of the research project and not in the tangible Print out the presentation.

According to the Swiss researchers, they do not sell tangible Products are better when they have a positive influence on the customer's self-image.
- Thomas Ramge (2011), Don't look, touch! Brand eins 12/2011.

Sometimes (in the first spring, around the midday hour of summer, after a long wake-up or fasting or even for no apparent reason) people and things and we ourselves appear to be likeintangible, surrounded by an inexplicable isolating aura.
- Egon Friedell (1965), Cultural History of Modern Times.

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