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After the break: this is how you get your shape back

Did you take a break for two to five months?

Complaints or a persistent injury can also lead to longer mandatory breaks. Often you cannot keep fit with alternative training during the break. If you then have limited muscle activity - for example because you were wearing a cast - getting back into the job is all the more difficult. Here you have to carefully increase the training load. Do not orient yourself to stresses that you easily put up with before the break, but start with significantly reduced training content in terms of the scope and speed of your runs. It is better to plan a week or two longer for rebuilding than risking another injury!

At the beginning, it is crucial to rebuild the muscles in a targeted manner, which can initially be supported by basic training on the bike or in the water. If possible, twice a week you should do a general strengthening program to prepare the muscles for the increasing loads. Well-trained muscles are the basis for being able to complete higher volumes again while remaining injury-free. You can also do a few easy and short runs now to get your body used to running again.

For the first two to four weeks, you should pay attention to the signs on your body. Slight muscle soreness is a sign that training stimuli are barely effective. But this should not be a permanent situation, otherwise there is a risk of overload. After around four weeks, the focus is then on building up basic endurance. Then you should do longer but still calm endurance runs. The pulse level is similar to that of quiet endurance runs before the break. As a result you will of course be slower than you were then. The speed only increases by adapting the performance with the same pulse values.

After eight weeks at the earliest, you can again incorporate more intensive training stimuli through a driving game or pace change programs. Above all, do training programs that you successfully completed before the break. The body can “remember” these stresses better and adjusts its performance more quickly. After about twelve weeks, the level should be built up in such a way that unknown training stimuli can be used effectively through new intensities such as speed runs or interval programs. These only lead to fatigue in the body with a subsequent increase in performance. So the break is over.