What's your best naked childhood memory

Childhood memories - erotic TV moments

It was different for me.

From a very early age, I was exposed to nudity. Because my mom always had to be naked on the instructions of her employer.

I was born in 2000 and my mom has had to go naked since 2001. I don't know my mom any other than naked. And I never thought about it, that was the way it was.

Until the day when I first noticed that my mom was at work - stark naked - in the reception foyer of the branch, locked on a frame like a large X (St. Andrew's cross) - for all visitors, guests and employees - publicly Show was put.

There are things in life that are so lasting that they influence the rest of your life.

I was 6 or 7 years old when I was in the 2nd grade when my mom's boss at the time called me at home after school and asked me:

Wouldn't I like to come to the bank and see what my mom is doing there?

And of course I felt like it.

And further she says:

She would send me a taxi that picks me up and takes me to the bank, I should just wait for the taxi downstairs in front of the house.

And that came shortly afterwards.

When I came into the reception foyer in the low-level version, my mom was stark naked across from the reception counter, her legs spread apart, tied to a frame like a big X.
To do this, my mom's eyes were covered with a cloth. So that she couldn't see me, while a colleague - had kneaded my mom's tits and fumbled on her cunt - while my mom had moaned very loudly.

I then went to the reception counter and told the woman there:

“That my mom would work here. And that I could watch what my mom is doing here. "

The woman behind the reception counter then greeted me very friendly and went with me to my mom who couldn't see me because she was blindfolded and told my mom that her daughter had come to see what her mom was doing doing this all day.

Which my mom was obviously embarrassed by hesitantly asking:

"Betti, you?"


"Hi mom - yes me, Betti.

Your boss called at home that I should come over to see what you do here all day. And now I'm here. "

Then the woman from the reception had called and informed Mum's boss that I had come and shortly afterwards Mum's boss joined them.

And then I asked her: "Why is my mom tied up there?"

And she explained that to me:

“That my mom was a big pig. And so that everyone should see what kind of pig my mom is, she always has to go naked. "

and further:

“And because she's such a pig, she's always tied up there, like now, and the colleagues then all have to grab your mom's cunt or tug on her tits. How to do it with such a pig. "

And she pointed out how my mom was sucked in and her discharge ran down her legs.

And that had even made sense to me.

Because I knew that my mom always went naked. I don't know any other than stark naked. And now I knew why:

What I found really cool, what they do with my mom.

Mom's boss bought me an ice cream sundae and together we watched how people played with my mom.

Whereupon mom's boss remarked:

“Isn't that fantastic - what a pig your mom is. And you can see how much fun it makes people. And that's why your mom is put on display here every Thursday. Everyone can play with her. "

Then we went to my mom's and mom's boss took the scarf off my mom's eyes so my mom could see me.

Whereupon my mom said to her:

"You bitch - to compromise me like that in front of my daughter"

I now refrain from going into details of what then took place.

The next day I told everyone at school. . .
and on the following Thursday after school I went there with classmates to show them my mom.

And of course we played with her. Rumgezottet on my mom's tits and fumbled around in the cunt. What my classmates had fun with. And that was repeated every Thursday.

After a few weeks, my schoolmates went there on their own without my always being there. So that was a fixed date in the extracurricular timetable.

Then I just tried to influence that no more than 6 students go there at the same time. Otherwise there will be trouble because not everyone can get a move at the same time.

We then practiced that for two years.

But since the interest was far greater than the possibilities, I persuaded mom's boss to show my mom in the same way at our school. Mom's boss then discussed this with the school management and financed the necessary conditions.

In all school classes, to attach eyelets to the front next to the blackboard, to which my mom can be locked like on a St. Andrew's cross. - stark naked - so that the students in the class in question, my mom then have to see the whole lesson like that.

It was agreed: to show my mom on 3 consecutive days at school during the last week of each month.

Since mom's boss still insisted on showing my mom on Thursdays in the bank, only Mon, Tue and Wed were left for school. Every day like that in a different class.

Not quite true. The middle of the 3 days, on Tuesdays ALWAYS in my class. I insisted on that. After all, it's my mom.

* * *

And my mom:

I was 10 or 12 years old and took pleasure in showing off her daughter naked.

In reality it was a revenge for how I did it to her.

I didn't miss an opportunity to show my mom to my schoolmates.

For example, when we visited friends or acquaintances, were invited to have a coffee or to a party, I had to go completely naked.
I can still remember her words:

"Betti pull up and take off your clothes - we have to go right away!"

And after I got completely naked, we went off.

I had to go naked on the way there. And my mom, she enjoyed the fact that so many people saw her daughter like this on the way.

And people thought it was great that my mom shows me naked. To drive out any shame as she called it. And I found absolutely nothing about it, on the contrary, I enjoyed being shown naked by my mom.