Why do we exchange gifts for Christmas?

Swap exchange: get rid of unwanted Christmas presents

Anyone who receives an unusable Christmas present this Christmas can quickly and easily make something better out of it with the help of an exchange platform. A trend that is gaining more and more supporters and will continue to prevail in the future. You can swap both online and in the neighborhood.

Christmas present: swap or sell?

Every year, it seems, the “battered” meet on the file sharing sites. Because although the close relatives should actually know that the music CD does not meet the desired taste and that the clothing size has been a bit larger for a long time, they still put something that is useless for you under the tree every year.

Instead of getting annoyed about it, you could use the situation cleverly: Throwing it away doesn't have to be and banning it in the basement is not a good solution either - you better swap!

Swap on the Internet: Ebay and Swapy

Most people know the internet auction house "Ebay". You can only exchange your unwanted Christmas gifts indirectly here: While a user is bidding for your gift, you are buying another item at a bargain price.

The online swap exchange "Swapy" works differently. It is completely free of charge - there may be shipping charges for exchanged items. You determine the value of your barter item yourself on a scale from one to five.

If your unwanted Christmas present is requested, you will be credited the specified virtual value as soon as the item arrives at the exchange partner. Now you can choose an item with the same "Swapy" value from the rest of the offer, or you can save your virtual credit at the swap exchange.

Exchange in the neighborhood: exchange rings

If you prefer direct contact, you should visit a so-called "exchange ring": In many cities, initiatives have been set up in which the participants exchange services and material assets with one another.

There are already 300 such initiatives in Germany alone. So if you don't like a sweater, for example, you could swap it for something else or even for a service like a new haircut - the advantage is that you can make new contacts at the same time. You can find addresses of exchange rings in your area on the Internet.