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Leipzig vocabulary app

A vocabulary app is available for students of human, dental and veterinary medicine at the University of Leipzig.

Brief description

The Leipzig vocabulary app contains a vocabulary trainer and a dictionary function for basic medical vocabulary for first-semester students of human, dental and veterinary medicine. In the vocabulary trainer, different lessons can be selected using a preselection. Depending on the level of knowledge, basic and advanced versions are available. Various memory and input functions can also be activated depending on your preference. If necessary, additional grammatical information is displayed for the predominantly Latin vocabulary.

The students are called to you Feedback in the form of criticism, praise, change requests, etc. to the developers (see download page) in order to further optimize the app in a user-centered manner. In order to be able to install the vocabulary app, a password needed. This will be announced in the terminology course.

Click here for the app for Android.

Click here for the app for iOS - 64 bit.

Click here for the app for Windows (including for all tablets with a desktop operating system, e.g. Windows 8 and Windows 10).

Last change: December 20, 2019, 10:54 am
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