What is a CIA listening device

Strange: CIA is said to have implanted a "spy cat" in the 1960s


... but already on the first use she was hit by a taxi

London - And if it's not a true story, then at least it's well made. And in any case so bizarre that we don't want to withhold it from you. As the London "Sunday Telegraph" reports (admittedly not the most serious source of information), the American secret service CIA is said to have tried to convert a cat into a walking secret agent with built-in eavesdropping equipment during the Cold War of the 1960s. "Acoustic Kitty" was supposed to eavesdrop on secret conversations of the Soviets on window sills or under park benches. Poor animal The whole thing was a gruesome undertaking, said former CIA officer Victor Marchetti of the British newspaper. "They slashed the cat, put batteries in it, and ran cables. The tail was used as an antenna. They made a monster out of it." Since she did not fulfill her "task" when she wanted to eat, the brain section that triggered the hunger stimulus is said to have been electronically paralyzed in order to steal her appetite. The five-year development of the wired cat devoured the equivalent of over 210 million schillings. Unfortunately, the investment did not pay off because the spy's first use in 1966 ended tragically: "They took them to a park, let them out of the van - and then a taxi came and ran them over. And they were sitting in there their van with all these devices, and the cat was dead ... "(APA / red)

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