How did the new retro wave start?

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The same procedure as every year! Our preview of next year's sneaker trends is almost a good tradition that we want to stick to. We are interested in which Men's sneakers and which Sneakers for women are trendy in 2021. But this should not only be about individual sneaker models, but also about trends such as sustainability or Fashion meets streetwear.

The question that everyone would like to answer today is the “next big thing”. Which hype will determine the sneaker game in 2021? Who are the newcomers and trendsetters? We asked store owners and buyers of various sneaker stores these and other questions. Take a look with us at the sneaker year 2021!

The hottest sneaker models & styles

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men nike shox running pants black sneakers boots:“There is currently a kind of“ back to the classic ”movement. That is why many classics work well above average again. This path should be continued on familiar silhouettes in 2021. "

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Alyosha Kondratiev(Solebox): “Sustainability is actually the focus of all brands. Nike took its first major steps this year with the “Space Hippie” after Adidas discovered the topic very early on with Parley. Converse, Reebok and Asics all have products on offer that contribute to sustainability - a very positive development from my point of view.

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Mischa Krewer (43 and a half): “A large part of our team has been working from home since Corona and we discovered running in nature and hiking for ourselves. Therefore, hikers or running-compatible shoes are rocked a lot, i.e. styles like a HOKA Challenger, adidas Terrex Hiker, NB992 or some of the Nike ACG styles.

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air max 90 us 3: “It feels like something more is happening again in terms of 90s running and 1: 1 bringbacks from OG Colorways. But as far as contemporary styling is concerned, the 2000s styles will of course also continue to be pushed. New materials in particular lead to one or two surprises inline here. "

From here you will find the detailed voices of our partner shops, 43einhalb, Allike, Asphaltgold, HHV & Solebox on the sneaker trends 2021. 👇

Which styles will be particularly “pushed” by the brands in 2021?

Aljoscha Kondratiev, General Manager Solebox: The topic Nike Dunk will continue to be present next year and the distribution will be broader. The demand is still so great that a slightly easier availability even makes sense.

men nike shox running pants black sneakers boots: There is currently a kind of "Back to the Classic" movement. That is why many classics work well above average again. This path should be continued on familiar silhouettes in 2021. Examples are Air Max, Air Force 1, Dunk, ZX, Stan Smith, Jordans and the Gel-Lyte series from Asics. These models are placed in the first row through further designs and collaborations, not least because they are also well received by customers and in the community. The topic of sustainability also continues to be of great relevance. So there is practically no more fire that does not deal with it.

Fiete Bluhm, CEO Allike: In the next year we will continue to see chunky soles and retro styles as well as a mix of materials on sneakers, cords and buckles.

nike posite max malaysia shoes for women: Pushing is perhaps a bit negative in this case. We are more interested in offering products that we, and above all our customers, like. These are not always the widest styles, but - we hope - the most suitable. adidas is teaching strong terrace styles and retro runners in 2021 New Balance the 992 and 2002R are really the top models for next year. But many brands also have sustainable or vegan styles that are "pushed".

What are your personal favorites?

Benedict Ernst (hhv): For me personally, HOKA is a favorite, it's unbelievable how comfortable they are! I've had the TOR Low for a few months and haven't worn anything else since. But New Balance always has a special place in my rotation. The 990 V4 and the 992, which will come even more next year, are my absolute go-tos.

Alyosha Kondratiev(Solebox): Nike is of course incredibly strong at the moment and will remain so in 2021. But I think that New Balance in particular has managed to refresh collabs with authentic projects without the large budget for testimonials.

Mischa Krewer (43 and a half): It's still one of the hardest questions, like asking a mother who is her children's favorite. Personally, in 2020 it was again the “story-laden” drops and sneakers that gave us the most personally. That could have been a bringback of a great dunk, a hammer AZX release, legends like the Infrared or some quality rockets at Asics, great new models from VEJA or last but not least stories like a nike shoes red and gray montante black boots blue. All of these sneakers had a good story that we could carry on and that mean something to us!

Fiete Bluhm(Allike): Asics is clearly a favorite - especially the models by and with Kiko Kostadinov. Of course, we still have a lot of love for Nike dunks and suicokes and are looking forward to everything that comes next year.

Robert Martinovic (Asphalt Gold): Since it already took place this year, you can safely drop it: The 2002 from NB will definitely shave.

Which sneakers are you going to rock very often in 2021?

Mischa Krewer (43 and a half): A large part of our team has been working from home since Corona and we discovered running in nature and hiking for ourselves. Therefore, hikers or running-compatible shoes are rocked a lot, i.e. styles like a HOKA Challenger, adidas Terrex Hiker, NB992 or some of the Nike ACG styles. Otherwise, the “Classic Casual” style will continue to prevail at the few contact points in the office corridor and all relaxed things with good material combinations such as recently certain NB 920, SB Dunks, Jordans or an adidas “Cozylette” 😉

Robert Martinovic (Asphalt Gold): The Asics Gel-Kayano 14 will certainly be heavy in rotation.

Fiete Bluhm(Allike): In any case, the Asics UB1-S Gel-Kayano 14, the Converse x Brain Dead Bosey Boot Ox will be in rotation. If it should be a little cleaner, then the New Balance 990 should not be missing. And the adidas Response CL will certainly find its way to our feet more often. They aren't sneakers, but nothing beats a pair of Birkenstocks in summer.

Alyosha Kondratiev(Solebox): At the beginning of the year we did a bigger event for the Air Jordan 1 85 in Berlin. The 85 treatment is supposed to come next year on the Jordan 1 Hi OG "Neutral Gray" - a colorway that I've been waiting for a long time and a shoe that I will definitely wear a lot when it comes to that. Apart from that, I am currently very happy to wear the Clarks Wallabee again.

What's next with the topic of sustainability? What can we expect there in the next year?

Fiete Bluhm(Allike): The topic of sustainability will continue to grow in relevance, which we also very much welcome. There are more and more customers who consciously deal with the topic and let it flow into their purchase decision. The brands have been working on new and more sustainable technologies for some time and we will see a significant increase in sustainable brands and projects in the future.

It will be exciting to see how strongly the “share economy” also affects the sneaker / fashion game. There are already some concepts in which you don't buy clothes but rather borrow them for a certain period of time and then bring them back again. On recently released a similar concept for running shoes. It remains to be seen whether something like this will also be of interest to sneaker customers. But it will be important that the brands pursue such ideas and bring them to market in order to increase awareness.

We will definitely make this a priority and continue to expand our corporate structure on a sustainable basis. True to the motto "Save the planet, fuck the world."

Mischa Krewer (43 and a half): We will continue to expand our “43 and a half footprint” program and transparently inform our followers about the measures. A lot is planned for next year in cooperation with DHL. We continue to play all sustainability collections with the manufacturers and are pleased about the noticeably high demand for Veja & Co.

Robert Martinovic (Asphalt Gold): The topic will take place even more on Apparel, that's for sure. Apart from the one or the other new sneaker that completely pays for the topic, the spirit of the times has definitely penetrated the entire production, so that we will have even more choices to “come” through the world more cleanly.

Alyosha Kondratiev(Solebox): Sustainability is actually the focus of all brands. Nike took its first major steps this year with the “Space Hippie” after Adidas discovered the topic very early on with Parley. Converse, Reebok and Asics all have products on offer that contribute to sustainability - a very positive development from my point of view.

Benedict Ernst (hhv): Sustainability has long played a role for us in the sneaker area. We started with Veja as one of the first stores and have also had very good experiences with other brands such as SAYE. The big ones are slowly following suit, but there is more! We are definitely always on the lookout for the next cool sustainable brand.

Which trend could slowly come to an end for you? Or to put it another way: What annoys you about the "Sneaker Game"?

Robert Martinovic (Asphalt Gold): Shortage and dissatisfaction on the customer side are always issues that you as a sneaker retailer have to constantly grapple with. I always try to see the positive side and at the moment I'm definitely excited about the concept of the Patta Club C. Because the shoe will never be “out of stock”, a charity project will benefit a part and only the shoe at Patta, a new coveted icon has certainly been created. More of it please!

Alyosha Kondratiev(Solebox): Personally, the "flexing" and this "How expensive is your outfit?" Attitude annoy me. For me it was never about how much a sneaker cost, but more about the personal story behind it. For me, “The hunt” has always been of much more value than buying a shoe online on a resell platform. Anyone with the right budget can do that, and at least that was never the start when I started.

Mischa Krewer (43 and a half): We can understand the hype and collaborations behind Crocs, but it's not ours! (laughs)

Benedict Ernst (hhv): The SNKRS app! (laughs) Joking aside, I would be delighted if the oversupply in recent years were more towards quality and more sophisticated models. In my opinion, some brands manage this well, others still lack the will to do it.

Fiete Bluhm(Allike): Nerve is perhaps a bit harshly expressed. We are part of the "game" and still love it. Of course, the resell game and the sometimes disproportionate increase in the value of shoes is still something that we are also observing with skepticism. We are aware that this has become a part of it and can understand anyone who sells a shoe in order to be able to afford something else. Since the demand for the shoes with the potentially very high resell value is so extremely high on the release day, the releases are always a new challenge. That's why we wouldn't mind if hype styles go back a little.

Are there any innovations in the sneaker sector that will make it big in 2021?

Aljoscha Kondratiev (Solebox): We have seen a lot of innovation in the sneaker sector in recent years - from Flyknit and Primeknit, to Boost, React, Auto Lacing or 4D. At the moment, I would say that we are of course constantly working on these topics. The sustainability approach is also a strong innovation. If I look at the demand side, I have to say that you stick to tried and tested silhouettes and learned color paths. The retro business and retro-inspired color paths on classic silhouettes are still predominantly the area with the greatest demand. Outdoor and trail running are always well discussed, but I can't see any really strong demand for them at the moment.

Fiete Bluhm(Allike): We will continue to see experiments, be it with the materials or the style mix with other types of shoes and silhouettes. Imitations of leather in any form will be well represented.

Robert Martinovic (Asphalt Gold): nike roshe outfits tumblr black friday sale flyer! In old and new form. But definitely bigger too. Otherwise, for my taste, Acronym could do something again in terms of footwear, the last releases were just too long ago!

nike dunk cum | The duo of fashion and sneakers have been extremely successful in recent years. Will this continue and if so, who should one keep an eye on here?

Fiete Bluhm(Allike): Sneakers and fashion will continue to grow together. You can see that the development, in which high fashion and streetwear merge more and more, continues to increase. And of course that also applies to sneakers, which are an essential part of streetwear. We can look forward to the upcoming collabos of the big brands as well as those of the smaller brands.

Mischa Krewer (43 and a half): It will be further divided into certain categories such as high fashion, outdoor lifestyle, retro fashion and so on. We feel very comfortable in the retro, outdoor and sneaker obsession areas and will continue to give full throttle there in 2021. Projects like the last one between NOAH and adidas.

Alyosha Kondratiev(Solebox): Fashion has evolved overall and is more open to classic streetwear. That's why we've seen a lot of fashion sneakers, maybe a few too many. I think authentic projects like Salehe Bembury x New Balance are the right answer. This gives decision-makers from the fashion industry who have a real passion for sneakers the opportunity to reinterpret a product. I'm particularly looking forward to Kim Jones' other projects next year.

Robert Martinovic (Asphalt Gold): The success will definitely continue! Raf Simons remains busy and exciting. When it comes to collabs, Reebok will continue to skillfully leverage its network. And Kim Jones will certainly never tire of doing something with the Swoosh. I am very curious to see what else will happen.

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Robert Martinovic (Asphalt Gold): There will be completely new models, especially in the running area. Mashups from different silhouettes will also be waiting for the girls. Gender fluidness will play a major role here. By that I mean colourways that were initially more familiar from male niches and that break one or the other stereotype. That's exactly what we need after such a year.

Alyosha Kondratiev(Solebox): At Jordan in particular, we saw a lot of strong releases this year that were only created for women. There will be more Jordan releases in 2021. But Kiko at Asics will also bring something for women, which looks very promising.

Fiete Bluhm(Allike): Unfortunately, little happens here. There are efforts to develop interesting models for the female target group as well. But until that really has an impact, the girls will have to be patient a little longer.

Benedict Ernst (hhv): Most brands have understood that “pink it and shrink it” is not the way to go. We also have a lot of shoes in unisex and realize that this is a good way for us. Many customers do not necessarily need separate models, but simply want the same selection that is offered to men in the sneaker segment. However, special “womens only” releases are always welcome if they are well done and don't run according to the scheme.

Mischa Krewer (43 and a half): Recently we noticed a trend towards certain unisex styles and that silhouettes in the genders were mixed up in a colorful way. The “WMNS only” area will definitely be continued, but the pure “glitter girlie girlie look” shouldn't play that big a role next year.


The retro wave will sweep through 2021 as well. Classic colourways and silhouettes will continue to be in great demand. Models like the adidas Stan Smith, a Nike Air Max 1 or an Air Jordan 1 have long since decoupled from every trend and every fashion. In addition, there are retro-inspired styles and color paths that not only look good but also tie in with a specific story or a decade. Clean “classic casual” styles, which can be combined with almost any outfit, are also still very popular with sneaker buyers. One consequence of the hiking and running boom, which has been intensified in part by Corona, are also special models for such activities that have long since left their once small niche and have arrived in the mainstream.

The same applies to the topic of sustainability. What was often just an advertising label a few years ago is getting more and more attention from brands. The rise of Veja has finally roused many competitors here. We can therefore expect new initiatives and even more choices, for example with imitation leather and vegan sneakers. For the many female sneakerheads, in addition to continued “womens only” releases, almost all models are now also available in unisex sizes. The frustration of not being able to wear your favorite sneaker just because of the lack of size should therefore be the exception rather than the rule in the future.

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