Can you drive a North Korean car


The transport network in North Korea is specially tailored to the military. For example, there are huge concrete pillars next to streets. These can be overturned as an anti-tank barrier in an emergency. The main mode of transport is the train. But it doesn't work that well. Because it often happens that she stops in the middle of the route. Because the overhead line does not have enough tension. There is a severe energy shortage in North Korea. In 2007, trains crossed the border between North and South Korea again after an eternity. North Korea refuses a regular train service to South Korea. So the only way to travel from North Korea is by plane. There are regular flights to four foreign cities. But normal residents are of course not allowed to leave the country just like that. From Pyongyang highways run to the northeast, east, south and west. So there aren't too many highways in North Korea. But they are not really needed anymore. Driving is reserved for the elite, and they prefer to stay in the capital. Besides the train, the bicycle is the most important means of transport in North Korea. By the way, since 2012 women have also been allowed to ride bikes there.

Extremely little is known about the North Korean school system. But the North Korean level of education is considered to be very low. Although there is compulsory schooling for twelve years. The school classes are strictly separated according to gender. And the students learn mainly through the "great leaders". Up to 50% of the class is said to consist of heroics and speeches from them. Music is also made. In addition, the "only language in the world" is taught there, namely Korean. So the children are taught that the same language is spoken all over the world. As in Germany, there is the possibility of taking a degree after graduation or of attending one of the only 30 universities.

North Korean culture is also based on the regime. Much depends on the deceased rulers Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Military parades and mass gymnastics with thousands of participants are typical. This is to prove loyalty and willingness to make sacrifices for the government. The Arirang Festival is held every year on Kim Il Sung's birthday. It always lasts two months, and begins with an opening ceremony in Pyongyang. The North Koreans even have their own calendar. It is the year 104 after the birth of the first F├╝hrer. There are also public holidays in North Korea. First of all, of course, the birthdays of the heads of state are official holidays. But there are over 40 more. For example, June 7th is National Industry Day. Or October 9th, Metalworkers' Day. Of course, North Korea also has many beautiful sights. Especially in the capital Pyongyang. Such monuments can be found everywhere. In addition, wrestling has a long tradition there. Of course, women are not allowed to do that. However, music is also widespread in North Korea. There is, for example, the national symphony orchestra with around 120 members. Western music is strictly forbidden and will be punished.