Who has 10 wickets in an ODI

10 wickets in one inning in international games

Jim Laker and Anil Kumble are the only 2 players to have taken 10 wickets in one innings in friendly matches. Has there been any other bowler who has taken 10 wickets in an inning in an international format, including one day internationals, 20 internationals, or any other international cricket organized by the ICC?


Just for the sake of clarity: a 10-wicket train often means taking more than 10 wickets over the two innings of a test match, which has been done many times. It is better to relate to Taking 10 wickets in one innings so that there is no misunderstanding.

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I have no idea about cricket, but why does this post get a score of -7?

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Is there a bowler who draws 10 wickets in an international format such as Test, ODI or T20?

Currently, only two players you mentioned have taken 10 wickets in an inning in any type of international game.

The best bowling figure in ODI is: 8.0-3-19-8 by Chaminda Vaas from Sri Lanka against Zimbabwe as Colombo (SSC) on December 8, 2001.

Take a look at:

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I know my way around Test, ODI and T20, but I don't know any other international tournaments like U19, U21, List A etc.


@ mkr9 - U21 (AFAIK), List A are not international tournaments. I edited for U19 test and ODI.

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Why isn't there a world championship for everyone under 21, under 19, etc. organized by the ICC? There is also an ongoing tournament in South Africa for List A games.

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I am not saying that all the tournaments organized by ICC are international, but that different countries participate in it is then called.