Psychologically, Republicans are more fearful than Democrats

Republican election party: "Donald Trump is good for America and the whole world"

Karen Wright drives up with her trike, model Polaris Slingshot with 170 hp, as she proudly says. The stars and stripes of the American flag are emblazoned on the hood of the tricycle, Trump stickers are glued to the fenders, and two banners with the name of the US President are waving on the rear. "Trump-Trike" is what Wright calls her bubbling vehicle. She came to a Republican election party in West Palm Beach.

West Palm Beach is one of the oldest and most prosperous cities in Florida. 100,000 people live here, you can see villas, Bentleys, super yachts. A bridge spans a lagoon to Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's famous estate. A year ago the Republican gave up his residence in New York and became a citizen of West Palm Beach. And on this mild November 3rd, it seems like the locals thank him for it.

Anyone walking through the city on election day will hear the familiar shouts of the Republicans everywhere: "Four more years" - and "Trump, Trump, Trump". You can see residents with MAGA baseball caps ("Make America great again") and Trump T-shirts. Karen Wright also dressed for the vote.

She elected Trump in 2016 when he faced Hillary Clinton, and now again. What made you do it? "Biden," says Wright, "wants to forbid us everything." If the Democrat wins, she says, the Americans would be deprived of their rights. "Then they are no longer allowed to own any weapons and no longer go to church." That must absolutely be prevented.