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Now it's my turn

Now it's my turn


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May 30, 2017 (Sky Go)
July 11, 2017 (Sky Atlantic)
November 30, 2017 (Netflix)


Frank Pugliese &
Melissa James Gibson

Now it's my turn is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season and overall the 65th episode of the series.

After a surprise announcement, everything changes in the White House. A decision must also be made as to whether the country should go to war.


After his resignation as President of the United States, which was announced before the Justice Committee, Francis Underwood calls on Alex Romero to stop the investigation against him. Otherwise, Francis would inform the press that Romero was involved in the gang rape of a certain Rochelle.

At the White House, Francis is met by his wife Claire, who is indignant at her husband's surprising resignation. So she could not be his ally without knowing what he was up to. Francis argues that the investigations into him would never have stopped if he had stayed in office. He also explains to her that he has been planning this in the Elysian Fields since the weekend. There he learned that as President he alone does not have much power. The real power therefore does not lie in the White House, but works in conjunction with outside influences. Therefore, he wants to support Claire as president from the private sector, which means that the White House and the power that goes with it actually belong to them.

For the successful implementation of this plan, Francis asks his wife for a pardon so that he will not be prosecuted for his crimes. Claire, however, fears that she will be removed from office in this case. Francis replies that Jane Davis and Mark Usher are on their side and can protect them with their relationships. When Claire expresses doubts about their loyalty, Francis admits that, with the help of Doug Stamper, he passed information on to Tom Hammerschmidt in order to control his doom. This was the only way to create the basis for him and Claire to rule all alone. Claire therefore orders the surveillance to end and confesses to her husband that Thomas Yates has been murdered.

Claire then consults with Usher, who does not approve of Francis' resignation and who also criticizes Claire's approach in the Thomas Yates case. Usher questions whether Francis even wants to see her in office and points out that Francis had embarrassed the government. Even Richard Nixon had informed other domestic and foreign government representatives in advance of his imminent resignation and the takeover of the next Vice President. LeAnn Harvey, meanwhile, makes conditions to Jane Davis for handing over the information Aidan Macallan left her. She does not want to be associated with his death, to get her weapon back and to be named the new Chief of Staff of the White House under Claire. Davis assures her that she can easily meet the conditions.

The next day, Seth Grayson testifies in an appointment with the federal attorney that Doug would do anything for the president, that Zoe Barnes saw Zoe Barnes as a danger because of the affair and that he killed her because of it. He also says that he doesn't think Francis knew about Doug's actions.

Before his appointment with Doug, Hammerschmidt meets Sean Jeffries in the White House, who, unlike Hammerschmidt, is convinced that his work for the government is on the right track. Shortly thereafter, Doug confesses to Hammerschmidt that he met Lisa Williams a few years ago and therefore knows her. Hammerschmidt would like to talk about Zoe Barnes first. Doug denies that Francis was responsible for her death. He also doesn't want to answer any questions about Zoe at the moment and refers Hammerschmidt to his lawyers. When Hammerschmidt asked him if Zoe had called Francis from a disposable cell phone, Doug replied that he answered almost all calls and messages for Francis. When Doug asks, Hammerschmidt does not want to answer whether he has access to possible messages from Zoe. When asked, Doug denies whether he sent Hammerschmidt two greeting cards.

Claire tells Seth after his appointment with the federal attorney that in addition to Doug as chief of staff, he must also resign from his position as press spokesman. According to Claire, it is good for the public perception if she sets up her own team. He and Doug would be too closely associated with Francis by now. However, Claire promises to bring him back to the White House after a while. Claire emphasizes that LeAnn has also returned.

In the Oval Office, Francis receives Doug's resignation. Francis is reluctant to accept his resignation as Chief of Staff and points out that they might not see each other for a while in the future. He also gives him the opportunity to take an item from the Oval Office with him that will remind him of the time in the White House until his return. After Francis leaves the room, Doug takes the letter opener he used in the episode Woman without a conscience put his initials on the back of a drawer of the Resolute Desk.

After the conversation with Doug, Francis walks into Claire's office, with whom he discusses the missing promise for his pardon. If she does not want to pardon him, he wants to resign from his announcement and remain in office. Claire expresses doubts and asks how she will fare in public if she pardons her husband. Francis emphasizes once again that with his resignation he gave Claire a great opportunity and paved the way for her to achieve her great goal, the presidency. When Francis asks her to finally take action and threatens to remain in office again, she promises him the pardon. For this, however, the strategically best time must be found. Francis thereupon signs the resignation addressed to Foreign Minister Catherine Durant in the Oval Office and in the presence of Claire.

In a television interview with presenter Connie Chung, Alex Romero calls for the judicial committee to be dissolved. He argues that the president's allegations before the committee are not entirely untrue and that at the end of the day the country would see the first female president in office. LeAnn meets Doug in her new office, who, upon request, rules out an escape from the country. LeAnn says she cares about him, but she doesn't know how much she can help him. She also tells him that at the request of Vice President Claire, he should leave the building before she is sworn in as President.

As Doug leaves the White House, Claire takes her oath in the Oval Office as the new President of the United States. Addressing the audience, Francis describes his belief in the presidency, its meaning and its symbolic prestige as perverse. But he believed even more in power for its own sake. Gore Vidal wrote that power is an end in itself and the instinctive urge to prevail is the most important human quality. He admits that maybe he didn't do anything just for Claire, but for the Force. Perhaps, says Francis, he loves power even more than Claire.

In the evening, Sean Jeffries, Deputy Press Secretary of the White House, announced the takeover of office by the new President Claire Underwood. At an editorial meeting of the Washington Herald, Hammerschmidt can't say anything about Doug, or what Seth told the federal attorney.

Jane informs Claire the next morning of a surface-to-surface missile saring gas attack on Syria. In order to justify their own air strikes, said Jane, Viktor Petrov and the Russian government had already accused the Syrian rebels of orchestrating the attack themselves. When Claire considers making a statement, Jane makes it clear that only a ground invasion is the appropriate response. Claire does not want to do anything until she knows more about the whereabouts of Ahmed al Ahmadi. Mark Usher agrees with Davis; one should not let this possibility slip by. Jane argues that the ultimatum issued by her own government has been violated and that it is time to respond. She does not want to seek help from her husband as a former president.

In a one-on-one conversation between Claire and Mark, he reveals that the time for a pardon for Francis is not the best. A diversion in the form of the capture of al Ahmadi or the appointment of a vice president would help. After discussing possible candidates for the vice presidency, Claire asks Mark if he closed Yates' eyes before they removed his body. Mark affirms this; he also advises that Francis move out of the White House, as the public could continue to see him in a crucial role.

Meanwhile, Jane speaks to Francis, who agrees that entering the war is the right reaction and therefore wants to convince Claire of it. Doing the opposite, said Jane, could endanger his wife's presidency and his own future. When Francis senses a threat, Jane makes it clear that he has offered her his services and she has offered him her services. Despite the fact that she was active in Washington before and after Francis, Francis said she should not forget that there is nothing more dangerous than him.

In the evening, Francis asks his wife to think pragmatically and to go to war. Claire expresses doubts that they have been trying to capture al Ahmadi for a year and Jane has not kept her word so far. However, as Francis says, a clear message in her first address to the nation would determine the course of her presidency. When Claire agrees, she asks him to move out, as Mark suggested. Francis offers her to continue to act as an advisor by her side. When Claire is about to go to bed, Francis makes it clear that no one will ever love her as much as he loves her. Nor will anyone love him as much as Claire.

After Claire goes to bed, Francis goes to the Oval Office. There he sits down at the Resolute Desk and lights a cigarette. He looks around and sees the flag of the United States raised on his left. As a result, he stands up, looks at the flag and pokes a hole in one of the 50 stars depicted on the flag with his glowing cigarette.

Meanwhile, LeAnn gives Jane the digitally stored information left by Macallan. To access the information, Jane needs answers to three questions set up by Macallan, the answers of which only LeAnn knows. Before answering the last question, LeAnn demands the return of the pistol she gave Macallan before he died. She cites the reason for her action that she believed Macallan to be in danger. After Jane hands her the gun and assures her that LeAnn is safe for a job in the current government, LeAnn answers the last question, which is Jane's gaining access to the data.

The next morning, Jane keeps Claire company for breakfast. Alluding to the data, she finds it shocking to see the extent of the election fraud. Claire also learns that Francis asked Jane to set up a foundation and that she wanted to help him with it. In return, Jane receives influence over Claire. Jane assures that she wants to support Claire, whereupon Claire wants to know what role Jane is playing for her. Jane openly suspects that Claire probably doesn't trust anyone and wants to isolate herself. Jane makes it clear that Claire needs someone to "pour pure wine" for her. Claire then doubts Jane's intentions because she only keeps promises when it suits her. Jane therefore confesses to her that she likes Claire and that her effectiveness suffers as a result. Francis is a burden with or without a pardon. So she offers him, should she not pardon Francis, to find someone who could influence his liver and thus his health. She also emphasizes that a few drops of Gelsemium could also lead to his death. When Claire makes it clear that Francis is still very healthy, Jane assures her that she wants to continue working with him.

At the appointment with the federal attorney, Doug hands over his ID in the presence of his attorneys. In addition, his lawyers are demanding that Doug leave the building without handcuffs. The federal prosecutor assures him that since the press has not heard of the rumors, he will walk out like a gentleman. His attorneys want Doug to be brought before a judge within twelve hours. The attorney replied that they didn't even know if they were going to prosecute Doug. Doug makes it clear that he killed Zoe and tells the federal attorney to comply with his attorneys' demands.

Francis, now living in the hotel, discusses his wife's new cabinet with Mark Usher. He demands that Mark discuss the proposals with him, since he himself could make the change of power easy or difficult. Francis recommends facing Claire with a few "smiling faces". Mark agrees and shows him documents from two former Special Forces soldiers who, as Mark implies, caused the disappearance of Thomas Yates' body. Mark assures him not to worry as the soldiers know how to forget. The corpse, according to Mark, is temporarily "on hold".

Meanwhile, Claire is informed by Jane that her contact Nasser has given her the current whereabouts of Ahmed al-Ahmadi. Jane says Claire needs a team that has war experience. Among other things, she has recommended the Deputy CIA Director Marcy Siegerson as the new Secretary of State to Mark. Jane herself does not want to fill a cabinet position because she wants to work locally in the region and there are more suitable candidates for the cabinet. Mark also insists, in the presence of LeAnn, on replacing LeAnn with a more experienced Chief of Staff, whereupon LeAnn leaves the White House.

Shortly thereafter, Jane phoned Francis, whom she assured that Claire would send troops to Syria. She herself will be in Dubai by noon tomorrow. In addition, LeAnn got her gun back and she passed the data on to Claire. Francis states that LeAnn is no longer needed.

In the evening, Doug makes an appointment with Tom Hammerschmidt. Hammerschmidt plays him the surveillance video showing a man in a hat and offers him to comment on it. When Doug asks him to share his version of the story, Hammerschmidt says he believes Zoe wanted to learn more about the Doug and Rachel Posner connection. He also says that he doesn't believe he killed Zoe Barnes. When asked, Doug concludes that the man on the video looks like him.

Meanwhile, Claire pays her husband a visit at the hotel instead. You will order the invasion of Syria tomorrow evening. Francis casually notices that Claire's gaze has changed, whereupon Claire clarifies that they are now of "the same breed". Claire also wanted to explain in her address "the full and unconditional pardon of Francis Underwood" - "for all crimes that he may have committed as President". But first he had to stay in the hotel. Francis advises that she must pay particular attention to the vice president that Mark will propose to her.

The next morning, Claire and her staff attend the Special Forces murder of al Ahmadi. Meanwhile, LeAnn calls Doug that evening. She tells him that she is scared and has therefore been driving her car all day. She wanted to see him and therefore come to him. After they finish the call, LeAnn notices a chase car, which blinds them with its headlights. Francis sits in the hotel and watches the events on the surveillance camera in LeAnn's car. He notes that some films don't have to be finished to see how they turned out.

Meanwhile, Claire is preparing for her first address to the nation, which Mark says will go down well with both parties. He informs them that cabinet members are being negotiated with the Republicans. The main focus will be on military personnel and some non-politicians from the private sector. With regard to the vice presidency, Mark reveals that many of the people he spoke to had suggested him as a candidate. So, says Mark, many MPs and senators would not dare to approach them. Mark reiterates this recommendation, as this is the only way Claire can keep her power and secrets to herself. Claire then gave her first address to the nation:

Good evening,

I would like to inform the American people and the world that this morning our special forces succeeded in killing the terrorist Ahmed al-Ahmadi. We got him. We got him. At some point during his term in office, every president comes to the question of whether he thinks it is necessary to send young American soldiers into battle. For me, this point is unfortunately already in the very first days of my term of office.

Russia's President Viktor Petrov has illegally searched for oil in Antarctica in an alliance with China. For some time we have also known that Russian troops are fighting on the side of the Syrian regime and are unfortunately helping it to destroy Syria. These forces use chemical weapons against their own people. They torture members of the opposition and starve huge parts of the population. The Syrians are a people under siege. Let's not let them be forgotten too. It's time we turned our outrage into concrete action.

Five months ago, my husband asked Congress to officially declare war on the ICO. He was let down. Congress has failed you too. ICO extremists want America and democracy to go down in a conflagration. We cannot let it come to this. We cannot wait any longer for the Congress. We gave him more than enough time.

History judges every leader, every head of state, according to how he or she treats his or her people. A regime that shoots at hospitals; or refugee camps; Schools or feeding the poor just to maintain one's power: one has to counter that. A leader who is willing to sacrifice the physical and mental well-being of his citizens and who treats his people like pawns in a chess game for fear of losing his power, well, this leader should be put out of the way.

Thank you and may God protect our beautiful country.

Francis, who followed the speech on television, remarks during the speech that she would not announce his pardon. If she doesn't pardon him, he'll kill her, says Francis. After the speech, tour guide Kelsey Stewart asked Sean Jeffries if he knew Thomas Yates personally. She notices that she has not seen him in a long time and that he has also not answered her multiple calls. As part of anti-war demonstrations in front of the White House, Eric Rawlings uses the fence to gain access to the White House lawn, which is why he is shot dead by the Secret Service. Meanwhile, Doug tries to contact LeAnn, who has had a car crash.

In the Oval Office, Claire notices that Francis is trying to call her. She does not answer the call and notices the burned-in hole in the flag. When Francis tries to reach her again, she suppresses his call. Finally she looks into the camera and says it's her turn now.




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