Why are chatbots so important for startups

Chatbots in StartUp use: These are the advantages and must-have functions

Chatbots are also worthwhile for small businesses. Find out why you should use them here. And which functions are important nowadays.

A guest contribution by Jasmin Daniel, Peak Ace

Why startups should rely on chatbots

The constantly changing digitization is changing the way in which customers and prospects interact with companies. They no longer prefer the classic contact channels such as email and telephone. Customer service has to be dynamic, social media-savvy and accessible almost around the clock.

To live up to this ideal, it helps to use chatbots. AI is no longer only worthwhile for large companies. Small and medium-sized companies also benefit from numerous advantages.

Start-ups often do not yet have enough resources to set up extensive customer support. Chatbots automate many processes and thereby relieve the staff. This saves your startup a lot of money and time. And you offer your customers efficient and at the same time effective service.

The advantages of chatbots for your startup

In summary, you benefit from these advantages when using chatbots:

    • You offer your customers 24/7 customer service and thus ensure higher customer satisfaction.
    • You optimize your costs. The time that employees would invest in answering standard questions can now be used for other purposes - for example, to solve complex and individual inquiries.
    • The technology-driven ticket processing increases the overall resolution rate of customer inquiries.
    • Chatbots are constantly learning and can predict incidents. This will make your startup stand out from the crowd with proactive support.

The must-have functions for your chatbot

So that the use of chatbots is worthwhile for your startup, you should make sure that they have these functions:

Self service

Your chatbot has to help your customers with routine questions, for example by suggesting suitable advice articles on the topic. So your users enjoy better self-service.

Uncover information gaps

Self-help articles and Frequently Asked Questions are an important support for your customers. However, when interacting with chatbots, they should be given the opportunity to provide real-time feedback. In this way, your team can find out whether the suggested guide was helpful or whether there are still any information gaps. These are then to be filled with corresponding articles or new FAQ pages.

Ticket management

Chatbots should be able to automatically assign incoming inquiries to the relevant department and, in the best case, even to the responsible person based on the problem. This saves a lot of time in ticket categorization and management.

Reset Password

The most common reason to contact customer service is to reset passwords. Such transactional inquiries are particularly easy to automate. A chatbot can be able to react accordingly and set up a temporary password for users.

Access management

The situation is similar with access requests. It saves a lot of time if your chatbot understands such requests and can decide whether access should be granted, denied or even withdrawn.

Employee assistance

Chatbots should not only be tailored to the needs of customers, but also of employees. For example, they can help to create reports and statistics on the type and number of tickets. Chatbots should also proactively inform employees about important incidents in the company.


New employees often need numerous accesses to tools that various managers first have to approve. This often delays the onboarding process. Workflows of this kind can be accelerated enormously through automation with chatbots.

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About the author:

Jasmin Daniel is Content Marketing Manager at Peak Ace, an international performance marketing agency headquartered in Berlin. In cooperation with companies from various industries, the agency creates exciting campaigns in the form of studies or other content.

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