How to choose a Tumblr username

How to change a tumblr url on desktop, Android, and iOS 2021

When you first signed up for your Tumblr blog, you probably chose the coolest name that came to mind. However, after a while, you realized that it doesn't sound that great. What are you doing now?

Of course, you can be creating a new Tumblr blog with a new URL in no time - yes, Tumblr is so great. But what if you already have a lot of followers that you'd rather not miss out on?

Fortunately, despite repeated attempts to clutter your dashboard, Tumblr is still awesome and allows you to completely change your URL anytime, instantly.

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Things to watch out for

You will be pumped up to change your url asap but just keep your horses off! There are a few things that you need to consider before proceeding.

First, if someone else has already used the name you want, then obviously you can't use it. However, Tumblr releases inactive URLs after a while. If the blog associated with a URL seems inactive, you can regularly try to see if you are lucky.

Note: You can also notify a blog administrator and ask them to release the URL. It's a long try, but it's still worth it if you really want the name for yourself.

Second, changing your URL will cause existing inbound links to stop working. This is bad when you are dependent on these posts for traffic. However, any content that has already been published on your blog should not be affected and will appear as usual.

Finally, you won't lose your followers due to a URL change. If your new name is unrecognizable, they may simply go unnoticed by them. Therefore, communicate your intentions in advance.

Are you ready then Let's do this!

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Change the URL (AKA username)

Tumblr keeps mixing the two, but your username for a particular blog is also your Tumblr URL. This applies to both primary and secondary blogs.

Changing the URL for your blog can be done through the desktop or one of the Android or iOS Tumblr apps. Let's start with Tumblr on the desktop and finish things off with the mobile versions.


Step 1: From your Tumblr dashboard, click the account icon, then select Settings.

Step 2: Select a blog under "Blogs".

Step 3: Click the pen-shaped icon next to Username.

Step 4: Enter your new URL in the box next to Username, then click Save.

Voila, that's it! You have successfully changed your url.

Note: If the URL is already taken, you should see the message "Somebody beat you for this username" instead.


Step 1: On the Tumblr dashboard, tap the account icon. Next, use the pull-down menu at the top of the screen to select a blog, then click the Settings icon. In the subsequent screen, tap on Change username.

Step 2: Enter your new URL in the free field under "What would you like to be called?" A.

When you're done, tap Save to apply your changes.

Cool tip: Unlike on the desktop, the suggested names are displayed here, depending on what you are pasting. This is a great way to create new URLs. So if you get stuck just type in a few words and see what comes up!


Step 1: From the Tumblr dashboard, tap the account icon, then select a blog.

Step 2: Tap the gear-shaped settings icon, then click Change Username.

Step 3: Enter a new url in the box under "What would you like to be called?" A. Now there is no option to save to apply the changes, which is a bit strange. Instead, just tap Enter on the on-screen keyboard and you should be good.

In case you change your mind

You changed your Tumblr url and hopefully named it what you wanted.

If you already regret what you just did, don't worry! You have 24 hours left to change your mind, which is super cool.

Even after 24 hours, you might still have the option to get your original URL, if it has not been used by someone else. So quick!

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