What is the main password on a Mac

Use master password

Matthias Zehden

Use master password

1. Reset password

Open user account with master password: If you have forgotten the password for a protected user, you can reset it with the Filevault master password.

The corresponding request appears after the third incorrect entry, but only if you have activated the display of the password reminder in the login options. After entering the master password, you can assign a new password. Without a user or master password, data remains irrevocably encrypted.

2. Delete master password

Deleting a forgotten master password and setting a new one: If you have forgotten the master password, Mac OS X does not provide an official option for setting a new one. To remove the master password, exit System Preferences and delete the "FileVaultMaster.cer" and "FileVaultMaster.keychain" files in "/ Library / Keychains".

You need administrator rights for this. Then use the Filevault settings to set a new main password as you did when you started it for the first time. However, this cannot be used to open previously created Filevault accounts. It is best to deactivate Filevault for all affected accounts and restart it after setting the new master password.