Why has Cisco CSCO increased lately

Cisco Systems dividend 2021

The dividends represent a portion of the company's profits from the previous period. The company distributes them among its owner-shareholders. Companies can distribute dividends, but are not required to do so. The method used to calculate the dividend is described in the dividend policy or the company's articles of association. The clearer and more transparent the calculation principle, the more investors will love the company. Whether dividends are paid out depends on many factors. The most important are the need for major shareholder financing and tax optimization. If the state is one of the shareholders in the person of a fund or a state-sponsored organization, the payment of regular dividends is practically guaranteed. The same applies, albeit to a lesser extent, in the event of a serious debt burden borne by one of the company's owners.

There is no point in discussing the abstract amount of dividends for that period in isolation from the company's financial indicators, business outlook, payment history, and current share price. It is important to analyze and understand the reasons for dividend payments and to be skeptical of an unusually high dividend yield. This can be a one-off exception. Please see below for information on dividends, historical dividend yields, and stock price recovery after Cisco Systems paid out.
Last update of the dividend information: May 22nd, 11:08 pm