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Data protection declaration for applications:

For what purposes and on what legal basis do we process personal data?

We process personal data about you for the purpose of your application for an employment relationship, insofar as this is necessary for the decision on the establishment of an employment relationship with us. The legal basis for this is Section 26 Paragraph 1 in conjunction with Paragraph 8 Sentence 2 BDSG.

Furthermore, we can process personal data about you insofar as this is necessary to defend against legal claims asserted against us from the application process. The legal basis for this is Article 6, Paragraph 1, Letter f GDPR, the legitimate interest is, for example, a burden of proof in proceedings under the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). Insofar as there is an employment relationship between you and us, we can process the personal data already received from you for the purposes of the employment relationship in accordance with Section 26 Paragraph 1 BDSG, if this is for the implementation or termination of the employment relationship or for the exercise or fulfillment of the a law or a collective agreement, a works or service agreement (collective agreement) is required to represent the interests of employees.

Who will receive the data?

Your data will be used to fill positions at Luttermann GmbH GmbH as well as at Auxilium GmbH (parent company). By entering your data, you consent to the use of your data in both companies.

Which categories of personal data do we process?

We process data related to your application. This can be general data about yourself (such as your name, address and contact details), information about your professional qualifications and school education or information about professional training or other information that you provide to us in connection with your application. In addition, we can process job-related information that you have made publicly available, such as a profile on professional social media networks.

How long will your data be stored?

We store your personal data for as long as this is necessary for the decision on your application. If an employment relationship does not come about between you and us, we can also continue to store data insofar as this is necessary to defend against possible legal claims. The application documents will be deleted six months after notification of the rejection decision, unless longer storage is necessary due to legal disputes.

Note for personnel service providers

Please note that Luttermann does not accept unsolicited application documents from recruitment agencies. Luttermann works with preferred providers and will not make any remuneration payments to recruitment agencies without a corresponding framework agreement. If Luttermann receives a candidate profile from a recruitment agency with which there is no framework agreement, and this candidate is considered or hired at a later point in time in the recruitment process, this does not result in any claims on the part of the recruitment agency.