Is Estelle a French name

First name Estelle: meaning, origin, name days & further details

Meaning of the name Estelle

The maiden name, which is particularly widespread in France, can be derived from the French word "l´etoile" and the Latin word "stella", both of which mean "the star". Estelle used to be given to girls along with a desire that they be as beautiful as the shine of a star. Truly a twinkling star in the first name sky, or what do you think?


stella = the star (Latin)
l'etoile = the star (French)
estel = hope (Sindarin)


  • Cubit
  • Elli
  • Elliie
  • Essi
  • Esso
  • Estellechen
  • Esti
  • Esto
  • Lili
  • Lilly
  • Stel
  • Stella
  • Job
  • Stelli
  • Part
  • Telli and
  • Telly
  • asterisk
  • Estelli
  • Telli
  • Ella
  • Estellchen
  • It
  • Stelie
  • Telley
  • Esy
  • Eschdl
  • Essitelle
  • Esteline
  • Estonian
  • Telli tiger
  • Estelliane
  • Etox
  • Esilia
  • Essanelle
  • Eschda
  • Sz
  • ass
  • Estle
  • Ele
  • Estl

Variants & spellings of Estelle

Celebrities & stars with the first name Estelle

  • Estelle "Mother" Winslow, character from the sitcom "All Under One Roof (1989-1998)"
  • Estelle (character), character from the thriller "Open Water"
  • Estelle Alphand, French-Swedish ski racer
  • Estelle Anna Lewis, American author
  • Estelle Axton, (1918–2004), American entrepreneur, founder of Stax Records
  • Estelle Balet, Swiss snowboarder
  • Estelle Bennett, American singer
  • Estelle Berenbaum, French-American immigration attorney
  • Estelle Bernadotte, wife of Folke Bernadotte
  • Estelle Crujiff, Dutch actress, presenter, designer and model
  • Estelle Denis, French journalist
  • Estelle Getty, Americ. Actress (Golden Girls)
  • Estelle Harris, American actress, voice actress and comedian
  • Estelle Lau, American actress and film producer
  • Estelle Leonard, character from the comedy "Friends"
  • Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary of Sweden, Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Östergötland
  • Estelle Swaray, British hip hop singer
  • Estelle Winwood, English stage and film actress
  • Estelle, character from the comedy series "Ladykracher"