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Trout reels - the right reel for trout fishing

How about the reels in trout fishing?

Trout fishing is usually active fishing, you walk down the trout stream with your equipment and wait for the longed-for impact in the tip of the rod. When fishing for trout, one should also pay attention to the flow speed of the stream. This has an influence on the translation of the spinning reel. If the fishing reel has a gear ratio of more than 6: 1, it is possible that the light trout rod is overwhelmed and, in addition, fishing is no longer fun due to the excessive pressure on the rod. We therefore recommend a translation of the trout reel in the range of 5: 1. This enables the artificial bait to be cranked in without getting tired (e.g. trout spoons). The reel size 1000 - 2000 has established itself in trout fishing. The spool size of the trout reel should hold approx. 150 m of braided line - 150 m of line sounds like very little line. Since light brown trout baits do not allow long casting distances and the trout therefore mostly bite within sight, this is sufficient in all possible cases. The best spinning reel for trout is very light, allows easy, fatigue-free cranking and should hold approx. 150 m (at least 0.08mm) braided line. These are the main characteristics of a good trout reel. Since all manufacturers of fishing reels also cover this area, you have a large selection of possible trout reels. The Spro Passion in the affordable range, the DAM Neo Spinning in the medium range and the Shimano Stradic in the upper price segment are currently particularly popular. These reels offer every angler the opportunity to get equipment for trout fishing. Of course, the trout reels from other brands (e.g. Quantum, Balzer, Abu Garcia, Penn and Cormoran) also offer a good price-performance ratio, here every angler can freely choose according to his available budget.