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Top 10: best cars from 5 seats 2017 test & comparison

When suddenly the five-seater is no longer enough.

Set it up once and have it counted, please: 1, 2, 3 and oh-oh! Now it becomes problematic. We didn't expect to need more than 5 seats in the car. Does that sound familiar to you? Suddenly there were 6 and the car is too small.

Fortunately, most automobile manufacturers have recognized this demand for cars with more than 5 seats and are now offering a large number of them. No matter whether the offspring is bigger than planned, a children's birthday party is coming up or you just want to go somewhere with family or friends for a weekend, 5 seats are often at least one too few.

But immediately after the decision to get a bigger car, the question arises which one? Which manufacturer? New car or used car? Compact van or SUV? Maybe a minibus after all? Questions about questions ...

And who could help here better than drivers who already own such a vehicle or experienced test drivers who know what is important?

For this reason, autoplenum.de has compiled the top 10 cars with more than 5 seats. Take a look now to see which compact vans or SUVs have been rated the best by other drivers and which is the absolute favorite in this category.