What rhymes with a wedding

Wedding congratulations with rhyme

Congratulations on the wedding, but not just with simple sentences? Solution: wedding wishes with rhyme

A particularly creative idea is composing congratulations that contain rhymes. Like the great poets, you can let your creativity run free here and create funny or challenging rhymes.

So you get a unique, high-quality congratulatory text that makes a big difference. In this category you will find some nice suggestions for rhymes that go well with the topic. A congratulatory text that is reminiscent of a poem is always a beautiful gesture and is sure to make the bridal couple happy.

Poems and wishes are especially beautiful when they are written down elegantly. the bride and groom can quickly see that they have made a lot of effort.

Rhyming wedding wishes

We wish you all the best for your marriage,
and nice honeymoon so alone for two,
comes back well rested afterwards
and get ready for everyday life together!
Your love now flows into marriage,
I congratulate you on this today,
because when I see it right
a lot of people come
to celebrate vigorously, for many rounds,
until the early hours of the morning.
Your wedding is celebrating today, that's really lucky
for you and for us guests,
because love should always be appreciated
and that includes big celebrations.

Keep your dreams, be nice to each other,
and don't forget your loyalty
because this is how you will continue to love each other,
again and again.
Before you are taken to the altar
are you just dressed nicely,
but after the wedding
you are each other woman and man.

You become in great as well as in small
unite your lives
in good and in bad times
walk your path together,
also rush over sticks and stones,
but share your joys and sorrows.
I lift up the strength of my office to you
into the joys of marriage.
And wish with all my sympathy
bliss, love and harmony to you

May life give you richly,
if you think about family planning soon.
May your children never complain
and know they have wonderful parents.
Closed like eternity
did you cast yourselves a ring,
who is firmly in love with you
and always adorns the finger.

So it applies in all situations,
to wear it with dignity.
Because its inner circle remains completely hollow,
the ring just becomes a symbol.

Only when in contact with flesh and blood,
with feeling, suffering, joy and anger
becomes a marriage as it is in the book
a world that happily dances and lives.
Your wedding is off to a good start
into a beautiful life as a couple.
We wish you the best of luck
from now until forever.
Stay together and just love each other
no one can steal that from you,
and if you always stick together,
then you will never miss anything.
We wish you good luck in your life together,
happy love initially only lets you float;
later it might be a little harder
but that doesn't matter anymore:
Your cohesion is always important,
because that is how you will grow old happily together!
We warmly congratulate you on the wedding,
send you the very best wishes and greetings,
we hope you are doing really well together,
and everything fits together, even your feet.
They look out from under the covers
and show how great love is
and if somebody is not there,
only one pair of feet shows that you miss each other.
To find us to know
that next to you on the pillow
no face would fit better
than that of one's own spouse,
a thought is so beautiful and pure,
so it can only be the truth.

So in this sense I wish
that love always wins
that every dispute dies away
and you succeed in great happiness.
What a pleasure when I got word
of your happiness and wedding plan.
That's why I announce my delight
on the marriage covenant.

I wish you with all my heart
that towards joys and sorrows
you love and support one another
and protect you from the cold together.
As we once did so spontaneously
seen together as a couple,
the happy ending could already be guessed at,
of your beautiful romance novel.

No more fever, no more praying;
it has finally occurred.
It was a delightful piece
the story of your love happiness