Why doesn't my PC start?

Windows PC won't boot - you can do that!


If your Windows system does not start up, there is probably a complication on the computer. This can be either a software error or a problem with the hardware. In the following, we will help you investigate the cause. We'll also show you what you need to do to get your PC back up and working properly.

PC cannot be switched on

If the computer is not on the Press the power button responds, is very likely a Hardware failure with no power supply. So in such a case you need to check the hardware components:

  1. Receives the PC electricity and is that power adapter okay?
  2. All sit electric wire, especially the power cord, right?
  3. Is the PC using Toggle switch turned on on the back?
  4. Is the problem with Power button, maybe due to a broken cable?

Blue or black screen

Remains the screen blue or blackcheck the connection between the computer and the monitor. The sounds and lights make it easy to see whether the PC is starting up. If the screen remains black during normal start-up or if it shows a so-called "blue screen", the connection must be checked:

  1. Is the screen switched on?
  2. Has the screen electricity?
  3. All sit electric wire correct?

If the screen is blue but shows something concrete like error codes, there is a Windows software problem. You can find the solution here.

Windows won't start

If the PC can be switched on, but Windows does not start, you have a problem in the BIOS, yours operating system. If Windows 10 starts but then has problems, there is a Software problem in front. In both cases it makes sense to have the Windows disc or a boot stick on hand. Here we are going to show you how to create such a Windows boot medium. You can use this to repair Windows or set it up from scratch.

Other problems

There are several other problems that can arise when starting a computer. In any case, you should use the Check software and hardware.
Windows works by itself, but there are problems during or after startup: Then there is a Hardware problem in front. This can also be seen if the computer starts up incorrectly Beeps gives out. On the basis of these tones you can get in Determine the codethat provides information about the cause of the error. This can be looked up online on the manufacturer's website. For example, here you will find the explanation of the beeps on an Intel mainboard.

Maybe you don't have enough either random access memory in your computer so that Windows can start properly. It could also be an actual one Hardware failure on your hard drive are present. It may be physically damaged. Here you should connect the hard drive to another computer and your Secure data. Subsequently format The hard drive and then have to rebuild your computer.

Other problems can also result from broken or obsolete driver occur. In such a case, it makes sense to start your Windows PC in Safe Mode. Windows 10 normally loads all of them download the current driver independently.

Another reason for the problems can be a Virus attack be. That is why you should always have one active antivirus program to have. Windows Defender is enough. If your Windows can't start because of a virus, you should get a external antivirus program use. Desinfec't is useful here. This is included in the c't magazine on a DVD. Alternatively, you can download Desinfec't and put it on a DVD yourself in advance.

Here are some more valuable tips on what to do if Windows is at a loss.