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ViacomCBS: Paramount + video streaming service is scheduled to start on March 4th

ViacomCBS plans to launch its Paramount + video streaming service on March 4th. As the media group announced, the start will initially take place in the USA and Latin America. In Canada, CBS All Access will be renamed Paramount +. Paramount + is due to come to Europe on March 25th, but initially only in Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The streaming service is scheduled to start in Australia in mid-2021.

It is unclear when ViacomCBS will offer Paramount + in Germany. The announcement for the start of the streaming service only states in general terms about an expansion that “an extended offer will be available later in the year” - without naming other countries.

Paramount + 's offering is likely to be largely an expanded version of CBS All Access, a streaming service that the group first launched in October 2014 in the USA and then brought to Canada. A renaming was already in the room in May 2020.

Film and series catalog

At Paramount +, ViacomCBS will largely use its own catalog of series and films, including Star Trek films and series. Viacom and CBS split in 2006, dividing Star Trek rights. After the renewed merger in 2019 to ViacomCBS, the rights are now completely with the group again. So far ViacomCBS has licensed the streaming rights to the Star Trek films and series to other streaming services. In addition to Amazon Prime Video (Star Trek: Picard), Netflix in particular shows new and old Star Trek series, including Star Trek: Discovery.

It is unclear whether this will stay that way in the future or whether Paramount + will exclusively reserve the high-revenue content after the expiry of the contracts. Because it will be difficult without such profitable content to gain a foothold in the currently highly competitive streaming market and to cut a decent piece of the video streaming pie.

Disney + has also shown that it can be good not to license in-house content to other streaming providers in order to bind customers to your own offer. This is good for companies, but customers have to take out several subscriptions from different providers in order to be able to enjoy certain films and series.

In addition, Paramount + should stream sports events like the NFL, as previously CBS All Access, and local content at least in the US and Canada. ViacomCBS had also announced in-house productions such as "The Offer" and "Lioness" last year, which should run on the new streaming service. Overall, the group can fall back on films and series from brands such as Paramount Pictures, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV Nickelodeon and Showtime.

ViacomCBS will announce details about Paramount + on February 24th. Then prices for the service should also be mentioned. (olb)

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