Should I open an Instagram account?

How does Instagram work?

Depending on the operating system, the app can be installed free of charge on the smartphone via the respective store (App Store, Google Play Store). People that at least 13 years are old, may use Instagram in accordance with the terms of use. The app asks the age of users if the Instagram account is not linked to Facebook (Instagram belongs to the company Facebook Inc.).

To register, you need a valid e-mail address and add further access data (user name, password). The Instagram account can optionally be supplemented with further private information, e.g. full name and telephone number, and a profile photo can be uploaded. Alternatively, you can log into Instagram with your Facebook account.

The login takes place via the app on the smartphone. Registration via PC is possible at, but the functions are limited.

Select and upload photos or videos

Photos and videos can be taken directly in Instagram or imported from the photo album. For both steps you click on the camera symbol. If you have taken a picture or selected it from the album, it can be edited in Instagram. The app offers a large selection of effects and filters for this. Photos and videos can be posted to Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter at the same time.

Send picture and video messages directly

"Instagram direct" makes it possible to send photos and videos directly to one or more selected friends instead of generally publishing them.

Share, delete and deactivate comments

Pictures or videos already published in Instagram can be deleted later by clicking on the icon with the three superimposed points to the right of the picture / video. In addition to the "Delete" option, the post can be archived here, edited again or the comments for the post can be deactivated.

Photos / videos that you like are marked by double-clicking on them. There are comment fields under every photo and video. If pictures or videos are liked or commented on, users receive a notification about this. In the “Options” area you can set which posts you want to be notified about.

There are different ways to browse through Instagram and to find other users' channels. If you are looking for pictures or videos on certain topics / motifs, you enter the desired term as a hashtag e.g. #sunset and receive suitable pictures and videos. You can also search for specific locations, for example, and are thus directed to images and channels that match the search query.

Here you get an overview of your own activities and the activities of the subscribed users. It is also possible to receive updates on search queries.