Gurus are allowed to marry


Visitors are expected to show their respect by observing the following rules:

A Sikh temple (we call it Gurdwara, i.e. the door to a new beginning) is a place of learning for both humanity and Sikhs (Sikh comes from the phrase seeker of truth). Everyone is welcome to come through the door with the expectation that the rules and principles of compliance will be followed. We would expect you to desire to learn and find a path for yourself by understanding the divine derived from Guru Granth Sahib (the scriptures). Sikhism offers a special perspective for life and humanity by observing that we all belong to this great universal being who is devoid of form and shape.
. Appropriate clothing should be worn before entering the Gurdwara site.

. The head should be covered with a scarf or a large handkerchief is considered preferable, hats and caps should not be worn.
. The shoes must be taken off and placed in the shoe rack at the entrance to Gurdwara on the ground floor.
. Under no circumstances should a visitor have any tobacco product, alcoholic drink or drug in his possession and should not be under the influence of or have consumed any at the time of the visit.

. It is compulsory for everyone, young and old, to show the greatest respect to Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Holy Scriptures) as they approach the Palki Sahib who usually bows on his knees and often touches the ground with his forehead . However, it is considered worthy

viewed when a non-Sikh visitor respects the Sikh “scriptures” by bowing or standing still for a second and then walking away with a respectful nod.
. If you are unsure or unsure about an activity, any other doubt or question, you are welcome to contact a Sikh at any time

Turn Gurdwara over.

.We organize an introduction for groups in German, English and Punjabi.