What are the great friendships in literature

The most beautiful friendships in literature

"Connoisseurs rightly doubt whether there can be love at first sight. But there is no doubt that there is friendship at first sight, a friendship between elderly men." So in Joseph Roth's "Radetzkymarsch" - fittingly in the last third - the touching friendship between the old district captain Trotta and Doctor Skowronnek is introduced. And it should last until the end.

It doesn't necessarily have to be at the center of the story, but some friendships in literature are so touching that you won't forget them. Like Samweis Gamgee, who follows his best friend Frodo into the fiery abysses of Mordor and wants nothing more than to relieve him of part of the burden.

From Maine to Mattisburg

Friendship is also important in Derry, Maine. The deep bond that connects the Losers Club in Stephen King's "It" is the real focus of the story - even if the evil in the form of Pennywise the clown is the famous figurehead. The main theme remains friendship and how it changes over the years.

These relationships don't always end happily, one only has to think of the end of Steinbeck's "Von Mäusen und Menschen" - after all, George shoots Lennie out of friendship and loyalty. Scout and Jem have a practically invisible friend in "Who disturbs the nightingale" in Arthur "Boo" Radley. He watches as they grow up, hides small gifts for them and finally saves their lives - the supposed bogeyman becomes the kind-hearted protector. Elena Ferrante devotes an entire tetralogy to the story of a lifelong friendship between women. And everyone who read "Ronja the Robber's Daughter" as a child fondly remembers her unshakable bond with Birk Borkason, which even ended the longstanding hostility between the robber families.

Literary friends forever?

What are the most beautiful books on friendship? Which literary friendship do you find inspiring? Share your book recommendations in the forum! (aan, February 22, 2018)