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Comparison: The best printing companies around Have business cards printed - Order cheap business cards online 5/2021.

In our comparison we will show you the best Printing houses to print business cards allow. In addition to the price comparison, our evaluation also focuses on quality, speed and service of the providers. In our guide you will also find useful information and tests on formats, dimensions, papers and materials for printing business cards. Order cheap business cards online now:

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Advice: High quality Have business cards printed online.

Photo: enterlinedesign / depositphotos Have your business cards printed: With a business card, you can pass on your contact details personally. The exchange of printed business cards is still common today in business life and at network meetings.

There are hardly any limits to the various possibilities for business card printing: You can play with colors, types of paper and even materials as you like. Only the format with 85 x 55 mm has changed little, even if other sizes can be ordered.

Business cards can be printed cheaply in online print shops for small print runs for just a few euros. In our business card comparison, not only the price but also the quality and speed of the print shop play a decisive role.

To the print shop comparison

Table of contents printing business cards:

  1. Formats: Print the most popular business card formats
  2. Materials & processing of business cards
  3. Create print data: Create print file for business cards
  4. Price comparison: costs and printing prices for business cards
  5. Printing: The best providers for business card printing in comparison

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Top 5: Print excellent business cards online and have them delivered.

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Business card formats: Most popular Print business card formats

Business cards can be printed in a wide variety of sizes, dimensions, shapes and formats at most online printing companies. Below we show you an overview of the most common business card formats:

  • Standard landscape format: 85 x 55 mm
  • Standard portrait format: 55 x 85 mm
  • Landscape format slim: 90 x 50 mm
  • Portrait slim: 50 x 90 mm
  • Square: 55 x 55 mm

Tip: Many people use cases, folders or holders to store business cards, which are often only designed for the standard size. Even if special formats stand out and stand out in business life, the difficult handling should be taken into account. We therefore recommend choosing the classic format.

Materials & processing: Business cards made of paper, wood or plastic

Business cards can be printed on a variety of paper types. In addition to the classic 300g cardboard, linen, wooden shipboard, kraft paper, natural paper and recycled paper are frequently used types of paper. Business card printing on other materials such as wood (especially maple wood, birch wood and oak wood) and plastic (PVC), as is known from credit cards, is also becoming increasingly popular.

It's worth comparing. Five good reasons for 5.de:

Create print data: Create print file for business cards

To ensure that your business card print has the best possible quality, you should pay attention to the following checklist for your print data:

  • File format: The PDF format is ideal for printing. But JPG, TIF or EPS are also possible at many print shops.
  • Color profile: Most online printing companies always have to create the data in four colors in CMYK.
  • Resolution: A print file should always be created with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  • Bleed: The trimmed margin as well as the safety distance is different in print shops (usually 1-5 mm per side beyond the edge).

Note: The print data and the data format for business cards must correspond exactly to the specifications of the respective online print shop. Otherwise the automated data check rejects the print file. If you need support in creating your print data, you can find help here from these design providers.

price comparison: Costs and printing prices for business cards

The printing costs of business cards are very cheap with simple cardboard. There are even free print offers that are financed by advertising. Folded business cards or visit cards made of plastic or wood are a little more expensive. Depending on the edition, the costs can cost up to a few hundred euros.

Printing: The best providers for Business card printing in comparison

In our comparison, we took a close look at numerous online printing companies. We not only compared the costs and prices, but also the delivery time and quality of the providers. Here you will find the 5 best providers for printing business cards:

Compare now: The 5 best printing companies