Is working in an IT company stressful

Burn-out in the IT industry - that is the most stressful IT job

The IT industry was once popular like no other.
Employers who ordered lunch for the workforce every day and sent in mobile massage services to give the hard-working people some relaxation.
One likes to stay there for 10 hours or more.

What remains: to take up an IT profession is still considered worthwhile. In IT professions, attractive salaries are paid and the job is considered secure. Since the Technology industry is in a permanent state of upheaval, however, something else has not changed either: an immense workload is still expected. The cost and performance pressure are so high that inexpensive solutions have to be created permanently - and ideally in record time. Especially when projects have to be completed, overtime and work on weekends are the order of the day.
The Institute for Work and Qualification (IAQ) at the University of Duisburg-Essen last examined the burnout risk of IT employees in a study in 2014. According to this, 57 percent of young professionals in the IT industry are at risk of burnout.

And one thing has changed after all: despite the presumed appreciation of the IT departments, the high demands on programmers are developing into standard requirements, which is why the attractive discounts and extra services are slowly but steadily disappearing.

Loss of work and loss of performance in the IT industry are obvious

The psyche suffers from intense time and performance pressure - and sooner or later the body too. How long employees can withstand a permanently high level of stress varies from person to person. Some manage to get enough balance in their free time. Others get seriously ill from stress. The costs for the health system caused by burnout or even simple overwork are immense and have been increasing for years.

In the three-and-a-half-year BMBF-funded project “Demographic Change and Prevention in the IT Industry”, the Institute for Work and Qualification (IAQ) has also shown that lost work and loss of performance in the IT industry are very obvious.
Nevertheless, so the result, the cases are still viewed as individual fates and not as a problem for the industry itself. Even simple workshops to reduce stress can achieve good results. Not only for the benefit of individuals, but also for the benefit of employers.

Measures to reduce stress are also important for the IT industry because it no longer only employs very young people. Likewise, there are many programmers today who have families and are no longer in their early 20s. It is therefore imperative that the industry adjust to the changing demographics of its employees so that migration to other industries and thus the loss of know-how is not risked.

The top 8 stressful IT jobs and their salary

The US job portal determined the most stressful jobs by industry for 2016. The IT industry is represented by eight professions. So is the ranking and the average salary:

placejobØ gross salary / month
1Web developer2.937 €
2Technical Editor3.499 €
3IT system analyst4.301 €
4Network administrator3.168 €
5Data scientist4.059 €
6IT service technician4.551 €
7Software developer3.783 €
8programmer3.336 €

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