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How do you react to bad comments?

Community management: what should I answer? How to respond to bad comments.

Unfortunately, this includes negative comments, because as soon as people get a public platform, the willingness to let their anger run free increases. There is one thing I can reassure you immediately: it has nothing to do with you and your person. You are now in public and will always see yourself exposed to sensitive comments. In the following, I'll show you how you can handle it confidently and get even more respect from your followers for it.


Why You Should Treat Any Bad Comment With Respect.


First of all, everyone has their own opinion and that's totally okay. Now of course there are not only the constructive critics, but also those who seem to start out by chance, for example, to spurn your vegan cookie recipe as completely pointless and totally disgusting and to conjure up the end of the world. Okay, take a deep breath. You can't choose who comments on your pictures, but you can determine how your responses will affect your followers! Because there is nothing more disarming than being professional and benevolent. So ... I'm going to put up with everything now, do you think? No, it's about finding a healthy balance and that's why I've put together some examples and suggestions for you.


Every comment is an opportunity to be contacted.


You've probably thought: I'll just ignore him! I don't waste my energy on disapproving or mean comments. I can understand you, but remember that behind every critical objection there is also a need. In sales, this is called “flawless selling” and means that you see a need in the objection of your interlocutor. In addition, a bad comment also gives you the opportunity to stand in a confident and strong posture. Always remember that this is not a private matter, it is your business.


This way to our workshop: “How do I react to negative reviews on the Internet?”


The user becomes abusive and insults you or other users.


Don't scold back, even if you feel attacked. This only offers the common complainer even more surface to attack and, in the end, makes you look bad. Make him aware of the netiquette and ask him to formulate his criticism objectively. Then you are ready to help him. Comments containing strong expletives, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive content should be reported.


Spell warning: "You forgot an" n "!"


Now you are ashamed. You forgot an “n”. How embarrassing do you think everyone thinks now that I can't write? No. There will always be people who know everything better and make you aware of every little mistake. This annoys you because you put a lot of effort into your posts and want everything to be perfect. You just don't want to make mistakes? Better get used to it, because that's life and that's a good thing. Thank every complainer for being so attentive. To justify oneself great and to be aggressive shows weakness, namely not being able to deal with criticism. However, if you stay open and confident, you will continue to meet your counterpart at eye level.

For example, you can simply say thank you in a friendly manner. I have a cheekier writing style and would always pack a pinch of humor into it, but that's a question of type.


“Thank you for drawing my attention to this, dear rolf_666. And now I wish you a great day! "


“Huppala, thank you for your attentive eye. Now put the dictionary down and enjoy the beautiful weather: D ”


The complainer: "So actually you use soy milk for it, that's why your cookies look so strange!"


Okay, he insulted your cookies, you can't do that. I know. Try to be constructive, though. Apparently the complainer feels the need to share his knowledge here. Why not give him the stage for it? If you make him feel good back, he will most likely adopt a much, much friendlier tone next time. You don't even allow his grumbling and direct your perspective to a completely different detail. Your followers will love it!


“Thanks for your feedback, dear @Tortenman_Jonas. I'll try that with the soy milk next time. Do you have any other tips? "


“You know your way around, @Tortenman_Jonas. From now on you are my milkman 🙂 I will definitely try this out. Thank you!"



The supreme discipline: turn the conversation in a different direction.


Probably the most helpful tip I've ever received. You can use this at all stages of nagging. Let's say you have an architecture account on Instagram and post an interesting house. A user writes: "New fashionable cube, I would never want to live there." The art now is to give the user a good feeling in spite of this and to make him feel important. So ask for:

“For some it is a nonsensical cube, for others it is the most beautiful dwelling in the world. But now you've made us curious, what kind of architecture do you like? "


Supreme discipline 2: elegantly integrate your product in a comment.


Really only do this if it fits well. There is nothing worse than bad product placement. Example: You are a vegan cook and you post your latest creation. The grumbler replies: "Sorry, but blueberries in biscuits - that's not possible."


“Thanks for your feedback @Birno_aus_tiroool. Have a look at my blog, there you will find other cookies guaranteed without blueberries. Do you like something there?


“Blueberries and you, you won't be friends, I can already tell @Birno_aus_tiroool. But take a look at my blog to see if another recipe suits you better. "


A customer publishes a specific complaint.


It really hurts. You tried so hard, but it just wasn't enough. And now the complaint is still online and everyone can read it. You should also know here: Errors and criticism are something normal. They help us to optimize our business ’.


So my first tip: Be open and listen to all of the criticism. Can you help the customer or promise a solution? Then offer it. Thank you for his feedback and make him feel like you care about making him happy. Be as specific as possible and by no means non-binding. Experience has shown that it is enough to make up for a part; you don't have to repeat the entire workshop or develop a new product. The customer will remember you and your product well if the communication with you goes smoothly. If you cannot improve the complaint, explain why this is not possible for you, perhaps due to time constraints or because you are still at the beginning of your self-employment.


“I'm sorry you're dissatisfied. Of course, it is important to me to satisfy you. I am happy to offer you another phone call. When do you have time? I will be happy to call you back. "


“I'm sorry that you were so dissatisfied with my seminar. Of course, I am interested in my customers and I am grateful for any feedback so that I can continuously improve. Feel free to write me your specific objections to [email protected] and I will correct the points of criticism. "


Comparison with the competition: "Mä offers that much cheaper!"

Is that correct? If you cannot offer your product at the lowest price, there is a reason and your readers have a right to know what added value you offer them. You have certainly already defined this in advance as part of your business model. Let's assume you are a candy shop and a user criticizes: “You can get that at the Metro for half the price. Cutthroat! "


“We always try to keep the prices as low as possible for you. Unfortunately we cannot offer the products cheaper than the metro. We offer you fast shipping within two days without you having to move away from the sofa. Does that sound fair to you? "


Here, too, you can try the supreme discipline: diverting the conversation. Let's say a user writes: "For us as a small carnival club you are way too expensive !!"


“We try to keep the prices as low as possible, so you get our sweet things delivered straight to your home, without lugging around. Now you've made us curious, which carnival parade are you going with? "


Even if you don't land a new customer with this, they have got a good feeling about you with your answer and may even recommend you or buy you when they are back in your target group.


Many thanks to Luna Dickmann for this great guest post! You can find even more useful tips on Luna’s Instagram account.


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