Kamala Harris is an avid person

Ella Emhoff, stepdaughter of Kamala Harris, is now under contract with IMG Models after her appearance at the inauguration. It stands for change and feminist values.

  • On January 20, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were inaugurated.
  • Ella Emhoff, Harris' stepdaughter, surprised everyone with a stylish demeanor and was then signed to IMG Models.
  • With her public appearance, the 21-year-old stands for progress and shows herself to be the opposite of Melania and Ivanka's values.
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California - The Stepdaughter of US President Kamala Harris is celebrated on social media. After the inauguration of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, Ella Emhoff got one Model contract of the famous agency IMG Models offered - and signed. On January 20th, the 21-year-old delighted the fashion world with her style. She was wearing one plaid coat by Miu Miu with a shoulder area with some orange glass crystals and a white lace collar. The combination with her nickel glasses, the headband and the platform boots led to delight. She is already now called new fashion icon acted.

Ella Emhoff: She follows greats like Gigi Hadid and stands for the modern world

That was also discovered by the President of the Model agency IMG Models, Ivan Bart, immediately. He comments on the performance: “When I saw her there, I thought: 'Wow, she communicates fashion'” - and signed the hope for the future directly. The 21-year-old ranks behind none other than supermodels like Karlie Kloss or Gigi Hadid who are also under contract with the renowned agency and are now among the most sought-after models in the world. Compared to the US newspaper "New York Times"Said Ivan Bart about his decision as follows: “It's not really about shape, size or gender anymore. Ella stands for our modern world. She has a cheeky manner and exudes joy. "

Ella Emhoff: Supporter of black trans people and feminist from Harris

Ella Emhoff is a great one Supporter of black trans people and also expresses herself politically on her Instagram channel. The model is already setting decisive accents that the world of Ivanka or Melanie Trump had hoped for in vain.

Ella Emhoff comes from the previous marriage of Kamala Harris husband Douglas Emhoffshe met on a blind date. Kamala's husband brought two children from his marriage with his ex Kerstin Emhoff and thus founded a blended family. The two children Cole and Ella get along brilliantly with stepmother Kamala. In a shared family mail, Kamala wrote on Cole's birthday: “I am so proud every day your 'Momala' to be. ”In a previous interview with the news channel CNN Kamala Harris said once before: "Momala" was created as a combination of "Mom" and "Kamala" because the family did not like the term "stepmother".

Ella Emhoff: The contrast to the Trump women that the US needs now

Ella Emhoff is currently studying at the New York Parsons School of Design. On Instagram she shows herself more and more in one Crochet look with shirts, vests, pants or onesies you have designed yourself. Emhoff also presents its own bag collection in crochet style. Among other things, she is giving them away for donations to support black trans people.

But Kamala Harris's stepdaughter also stands for progress and a progressive image of women on Instagram Clichés deliberately questioned. She shows up on her posts without makeup and with unshaven armpits, characteristic of a feminist and green movement.

Ella Emhoff stands in stark contrast to the previous women in the Trump family, Melania and daughter Ivanka. Both got attention mainly through their cosmetic surgery, less through political activism. In addition, the former model Melania Trump even with their outfits racist statementsWhich is why many designers refused to work together as a result. Melania was also often certain of the mockery of the fans through her frozen facial features with narrow eyes and frozen smile. The Diversity and the values ​​that Ella Emhoff now carries to the outside world stand for Change and a breath of fresh air in the USA. (jh)

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