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India round trip & Orient cruise

Dear travel friends,

today we are in Oman in the city of Muscat. Our ship docked punctually at 7:00 a.m. in the port. We were able to leave the ship from 8:30 a.m.

You actually need an entry visa for Oman, which is associated with costs. The problem was not a problem, it was regulated like this: All travelers from the ship received a second card when they entered the country, with this card and the boarding pass everyone could visit Oman (at no cost!)

Actually, I like to dive into the hustle and bustle of a city and let it sink in. But, if you are traveling with a cruise ship, it is difficult, because 1,800 more passengers are spit out into this city and they all have the same goals (sights). If you are unlucky and moor several ships, then you are certainly not alone, you will meet again and again ...

We hadn't booked a guided tour and took it easy to disembark at around 8:00 a.m. We also endured the onslaught of the many taxi drivers (this is the case in every port). Our first port of call was the fish market, right by the harbor. Next to it is the fruit and vegetable market. The hustle and bustle and the variety of fish on offer always fascinates me.

That gave again photos without end. Now first change money, we want to take a taxi to the Sultan Qaboos mosque and later to the souk of Muttrah (old part of Muscat). So and now, which taxi driver do we take? Haggled, found and decided.

First stop is the Sultan Qaboos Mosque. Absolutely impressive building, the size, the symmetry and the atmosphere. You should check them out once you are here. The area of ​​the mosque has an area of ​​416,000 square meters, with gardens. The mosque itself is built on an embankment and has about 40,000 square meters. It has space for 20,000 believers, was completed in 6 years of construction, inauguration was in May 2001. It is the only mosque in Oman that is also open to non-Muslims to visit.

And ..., today we speak German, there were quite a few tour groups from the ship on the way here. Now a little tour with a photo stop at the Sultan's Palace. Our taxi driver didn't want to let go of us and the hour we had agreed on quickly turned into 2.5 hours. But, he was really very nice and we needed more time in the mosque than expected.

So, finally back at the starting point in front of the souk (market / bazaar) and free time for the souk. The Muttrah souk is Oman's largest bazaar. It is a narrow labyrinth of alleys and is roofed to provide shade. You can find everything you need and don't need there.

The traditional goods of the Orient are traded just like everything else. Curved swords, silver jewelry, gold jewelry, spices, clothes, traditional men's hats, fabrics, borders, perfume, scented oils, shawls, scarves, pottery and and and ....

Of course also frankincense - the tear of Allah - in the most varied of qualities. There are incense at several stalls and everywhere it is lit, it smells and smokes. For me this means immersing, immersing and forgetting. In the end we were richer by a few spices and I finally have a few more scarves again. Will I wear it ???

Now have a quiet coffee and freshly squeezed juice in the partial shade in front of the souk and then slowly walk back to the ship in the sun (approx. 25 ° C) on the corniche (beach road).

Goodbye Muscat! We ended the day on deck 11 of the Outer Alster Bar with a cocktail of the day (today's name: Wunderbar und Abenteuer).

Yours B