What are some good descriptions of mothers

The 10 most important qualities of a good mother

  • 1. Give and allow physical closeness

Physical closeness is a basic need of every child, as important as eating and sleeping. There are many ways and small gestures to establish this closeness, e.g. by cuddling, petting, but also by playful wrangling, tickling and fighting. The security that children experience through the tenderness of their mother (and of course their father) strengthens them for the rest of their lives.

  • 2. Real listening and genuine interest in the child

When someone listens to us properly, our hearts open and we feel accepted, meaningful, seen and simply comfortable. No wonder real listening is high on this list of important qualities to be a good mother (and father).

Children want a motherly love that does not make any conditions, that is, that is not linked to good behavior or performance. To be loved, even if you are in a bad mood, stubborn, annoying - that's what all children want their mothers (and fathers) to do.

  • 4. Trust and confidence in the child

If someone trusts us to do something, that inspires us! Even adults still feel and appreciate the effect of trust and confidence very much. And even more important is this attitude of trust for children. A mother (and a father) who lets her child try things out and trusts him to find solutions enables him to master challenges, large and small, on their own. And that gives rise to self-confidence - capital for a lifetime.

  • 5. Reliability, i.e. being there when it is needed

It is vital from the first hours of a baby's life and remains important forever: reliability. When children can have the feeling that mom is reliably there for them when they need them, something like an invisible protective layer grows around them, which strengthens them in all situations.

  • 6. Acceptance of the child as it is

A good mother does not try to shape her child according to her own wishes, but tries to accept, love and promote it as the human being that it is. For this she needs an open and loving view of her child and should be at peace with herself (so as not to project her own wishes for life too much onto her child).

  • 7. Self-reflection and openness

A good mother (and a good father!) Reflects on herself. For example, she asks herself exactly this question: Am I a good mother? And what actually makes a good mother? Or she wonders whether the upbringing resolutions she still had during pregnancy are really suitable for everyday use and is not afraid to throw them overboard again and again and readjust her behavior.

  • 8. Courage to be imperfect and not afraid of mistakes

A good mother is not an overwhelming mother. Who likes people who believe they are doing everything right? People are imperfect and not at all perfect and the most wonderful are those who can admit their weaknesses with a loving wink. Mothers who do this demonstrate to their child that being authentic feels good and they are indulgent towards the imperfections of their children.

  • 9. Having time for children, with pleasure and joy

No, a good mother doesn't have to keep playing with her children and entertaining them! But all children want a mother (and a father) who takes time for them again and again, for example, involves them in simple household chores, shows and explains things to them, speaks to them, for example at a joyfully celebrated dinner with everyone Family at the family table. And who sometimes just spends carefree, seemingly useless time with them, doing nonsense together and having fun with their children.

  • 10.  Own satisfaction and joy in life

A good mother also takes care of herself and says "yes" to life. This example lets children grow wings. A mother who exudes contentment also makes children happy, yes, it's that simple sometimes.

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