Makes you play football great

Play soccer or play soccer?

Do you know how to write separately and collectively?
Not at all easy to find or use the correct spelling.

On the following pages you will find strategies (rules and tips) that will help you choose the correct spelling.

Combination of nouns and verbs

This is about the connections from a noun / noun and a verb. You usually write connections from a noun / noun and a verb Cut.
You write the noun here large and the verb small.


  • to eat ice
  • play ball
  • drive

Article before composition

However, if there is an article before the composition, then you write the word big and together.

In this case it is a combination of a noun / noun and a nominalized verb.

the bicyling,
eating ice cream

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Some nouns are faded and no longer recognizable in their meaning.
Or the noun / noun has its own in connection with the verb Lost independence.

Then you write the connection small and together, e.g. B. for connections with ... partial, state, crazy, price, miraculous.

Remember the following connections:

  • Ice skating
  • stand upside down
  • to hurt!
  • to do
  • withstand
  • admit
  • occur
  • take place
  • participate
  • take part
  • wonder

Even if the first part of this connection is severed, it is written in lower case.
At the last school festival the whole school was upside down.

Do you still have doubts?

If in doubt, you can also look up in the dictionary how the connections must or can be written.

You can find the information either in the Rule directory on the first pages or in Dictionary.