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Steve Wozniak: Microsoft is becoming more innovative than Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is known to praise other companies and products. Now "Woz" said that it was starting to appear that Microsoft is the more innovative company than Apple. Steve Wozniak, who is currently in Europe and gave a talk at the TEDx conference in Brussels about his love for technology and gadgets, expressed concerns in an interview following his speech that the company he co-founded was in a "rut "stuck.

Wozniak told TechCrunch that he was now "very worried" about Apple, as the Cupertino company would ultimately only concentrate on the latest iPhone and just produce it "non-stop." He justified his concern for the company with the fact that he just loved Apple, said Wozniak. Steve Wozniak in the TechCrunch Interview There was much praise in the direction of Microsoft: Lately he has had more and more "wow moments" at Microsoft: "Wow, you have really fundamentally changed things. Wow, they are now going in a completely different direction than everyone else and by that I mean iPhone and Android, "said Wozniak. He also says that he recently read that Microsoft had developed a kind of universal translator, i.e. a device that you can use to speak in English and then output Mandarin, for example. This also shows that Microsoft has (again) gained a lot of innovative strength.

In Wozniak's opinion, Microsoft recognized or decided about three years ago to no longer walk the beaten path, but instead to sit down and consciously wonder how things could be done differently - instead of just getting new versions of existing ones Throwing products on the market.

It is not the first time that Steve Jobs' longtime companion has praised Microsoft in the highest tones: Last summer, for example, he highlighted the new optical approach of Microsoft products: "They have a strikingly good appearance, which is a lot of what is afterwards Steve Jobs was always looking for: the convergence of art and technology, "said Wozniak at the time.

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