Is Miley Cyrus better than Selena Gomez

+ + Update: "Selena has no respect for Miley" + +

No, Selena really wasn't happy with what Miley Cyrus was doing at her concert. A source now exclusively revealed "Selena now knows that Miley would do anything to get attention, even if that means dissing other people."

“Selena would never do what Miley did and she did in the first place no respect for her at all. She thinks Miley's first priority in life is to get attention and she really only feels sorry for her. " Wow. That’s a statement.

Even earlier during the Disney era, the two never really got along. This is also confirmed by the friend: “They've been hateful to each other since the Disney days and this is just a sequel from then. They really don't like each other and they always blaspheme each other behind closed doors. This just managed to get public now. Selena thinks Miley is pretty stupid. However, she expected that from her too, since they don't particularly like each other anyway. " Oh dear, will it turn into a public fight? We are excited.

+ + What exactly happened? + +

What was that supposed to mean? At their concert, Miley Cyrus grabbed the poster with Selena Gomez's head on it and briefly sang “FU” before throwing it back into the crowd. It was particularly nasty that Selena's head on a half-naked body was glued - the cardboard figure even had fishnet stockings painted on it. A fan apparently designed this figure.