What is the electric water market

Purity law included

First class drinking water for over 100 years

Pure life energy vibrates in the Dachau drinking water. We have been supplying the city with first-class drinking water for over 100 years. By the way: We also rely on hydropower for the power supply and thus cover around 10 percent of the local energy demand. With renewable, clean energy.

Four wells supply Dachau

Dachau's water supply is ensured with four wells in Feldgeding. From a depth of between 141 and 182 meters, electric underwater pumps convey up to 265 liters of water per second to the surface. The raw water is pumped at high pressure to the nearby treatment plant, where iron and manganese are filtered out. Despite the growing population, water consumption in Dachau has remained relatively constant over the past 20 years. It is currently around 2.3 million cubic meters per year.

Security of supply guaranteed

From the treatment plant, the water reaches the Gündinger elevated tank via a 1500 meter long pipe. There is a difference in altitude of 45 meters. The aerated water can relax and degas in the elevated tank. The elevated tank is located on Günding's highest point at 536.50 meters. From there, the drinking water flows into the city's pipeline network with a height difference of up to 57 meters. The water level of the elevated tank corresponds roughly to the geographical height of the roof eaves of the Dachau Castle. The elevated tank not only ensures a largely constant pressure, it also compensates for fluctuations in consumption during the day. The container also serves as an emergency reserve. He steps in if the water supply fails or if a large amount of water has to be made available at short notice, for example in the event of a fire.

The feeder line from the water supply in Feldgeding to the elevated reservoir in Günding and from there to Dachau is particularly important for the security of supply. Because the entire water supply of the Dachau population depends on it.

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