Supports KIVY Python 3

Use Python programs on Android

The new software project Python for Android aims to simplify the distribution of Python programs on Android devices. With the Android SDK / NDK installed, Python for Android grabs the Python application and creates a distribution in the form of Android's APK format (Application Package File). The software package then consists of a runtime environment and the Python modules required to run an application. The announcement describes the prerequisites and procedure.

Behind the software are the developers of Kivy, a freely available, platform-independent RAD library (Rapid Application Development) under GPLv3. Kivy can be used to build graphic applications for Android, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows that support touchscreens in addition to classic input devices. The "packaged" application currently only consists of a bootstrapping that compresses the data, creates an OpenGL 2.0 drawing surface and implements the audio and touch events. Although Python for Android was developed for the Kivy project, other developers are welcome to come up with a simpler boostrapping mechanism and add support for other toolkits.

Python scripts can be run on Android with the Android scripting project, but this does not create closed binary files that are easy to install.

The source code of Python for Android is available under LGPLv2 on the project hosting platform GitHub. So far it has only been tested on Ubuntu 11.10. The Python modules peg, pil, png, sdl, sqlite3, pygame, kivy, android, libxml2, libxslt, lxml, ffmpeg and openssl are currently supported. (ane)

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