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Google: Changes to the Google Partner Program

The Google Partner Program has been offering agencies the opportunity to position themselves in the Google Ads sector for years. As a Google partner, you can show potential customers that you are a Google Ads expert and that you also meet various other requirements that Google places on agencies. In a new post, Google is now announcing some profound changes that should come into force from June 2020.

How do I become a Google partner?

In general, the agency had to comply with certain standards in the following three categories in order to receive the Google Partner logo:

  • Certifications: At least one user in the agency had to be Google Ads certified. In addition, he had to have administrator or standard access to the Google Ads manager account or to an account that is linked to the manager account.
  • Expenditure: All accounts that were linked to the Google Ads manager account had to have invested at least € 10,000 in media donations within a period of 90 days.
  • Company performance:The main thing here is that agencies can show stable total Google Ads sales, i.e. solid growth and a loyal and growing customer base.


Google Partner Logo (Source: google.com)


Customer loyalty, the expansion of the customer base and the increase in Google Ads spending are other factors that are important when determining the Google Premium partner. Together with the other factors, these form the basis for the selection, which is redefined every year. The agencies that stand out from the others will be rewarded.

Google Premium Partner Logo (Source: google.com)


What exactly is changing?

The changes that will come into effect in June are as follows:

  • Certifications:This is where the biggest change has taken place. Instead of the one person who was previously considered the minimum certified, 50% of the authorized users must now have completed the new certifications in the skill shop.
  • Expenditure:The amount has only doubled here, i.e. at least € 20,000 must be invested in Google Ads via the agency's management account over a period of 90 days.
  • Company performance:Here, Google places more emphasis on the performance of the accounts. More precisely, the optimization factor of each account is monitored or monitored. This optimization factor can be found in the recommendation tab of the Google Ads account. There are also various machine learning-based recommendations that can be used to increase the performance of the entire account. The implementation of these actions also has a positive effect on the optimization factor. Ignored recommendations will not be considered in terms of business performance.


Google is tightening the criteria for receiving the Google Partner logo. In order to keep this, the agencies must now be prepared to meet the new requirements by the end of June 2020. Google also attaches great importance to the implementation of the recommendations. Due to the noticeable improvement in the quality of the actions that have been suggested to you over the past few months, this is also a change that will also have a positive effect on the managed account.


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