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From Aphasia to Tongue Cancer: Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories About Clinton's Health

Huge American flags, enthusiastic previous speakers and a lectern on the podium signaled an important visit to Reno, Nevada. Hillary Clinton stopped in the embattled state on Thursday to deliver a speech to supporters.

For readers of the "National Enquirer" the appearance should have been a surprise, because according to the tabloid, Clinton should have been dead long ago. In September 2015, the newspaper published an article that Clinton only had six months to live. The National Enquirer is not alone in questioning the state of health of the Democratic presidential candidate

"Real problems"

Donald Trump, the Republican Party candidate, has already indicated that he has doubts about Clinton's health. At the beginning of August he said to followers: "Honestly, I don't think it's fully there." Clinton has "real problems". Trump is still one of the moderate voices.

Because right-wing media such as Fox News or "Breitbart", together with conspiracy sites, have been spreading new theories about Clinton's health since the start of the election campaign.

At 69, Hillary Clinton - if elected in November - would not be the youngest US president in history. And the health record she published is everything else perfect. According to this, Clinton has an underactive thyroid, she takes blood thinners, and four years ago she passed out briefly.

However, right-wing speculation about her health took on absurd traits during the election campaign.

An alphabetical listing of some conspiracy theories:


Presenter Sean Hannity devoted a report and studio discussion to the health of Clinton in the right-wing cable broadcaster Fox News. The station's medical correspondent brought up aphasia (speech disorder that often occurs after a stroke, tumor or traumatic brain injury) as a possible disease.


The right portal speculated about Clinton's diabetes. The reason for this: "She is out of shape. It is a safe assumption that her body mass index is over 30 - I am not relying on her weight, to which I have no access, but on the dimensions of her ankles - so she is overweight; (...) And with age and overweight come type II diabetes and high blood pressure. "


On the broadcaster MSNBC, the spokeswoman for Donald Trump, Katrina Pierson, said that Clinton suffered from dysphasia, a damage to the speech system.

Brain tumor

As early as 2012, the "National Enquirer" reported that Hillary Clinton was suffering from a brain tumor. The report has since circulated on right-wing conspiracy platforms and websites and has been picked up again and again this year to question her health.

Heart disease

A bump in her costume caused the right side "The Gateway Pundit" to speculate that Clinton had heart disease and was wearing a defibrillator under her clothes.


On the blogger platform "Zero Hedge" based on photos and video clips, the assumption was made that Clinton might suffer from seizures.


The Infowars conspiracy website quoted a person "with 15 years of pharmaceutical experience" claiming that videos of Clinton showed that she was showing clear signs of Parkinson's disease.


According to the Danger and Play site, Clinton is showing clear signs that she has suffered a head injury and a stroke. The media, according to the portal, "would rather try to cover it up than invite medical experts to a discussion to discuss Clinton's state of health."

Radiation poisoning

In October 2015, the Before It's News portal saw Clinton already on his deathbed. The title of the text read: "Confirmation that Hillary Clinton is on his deathbed, Fukushima radiation barring". The side saw a coughing fit during a Senate hearing as an unmistakable sign of Clinton's imminent demise.

Tongue cancer

After the blog "The Conservative Tree House" discovered a stain on Hillary Clinton's tongue, they suspected that Clinton might have cancer of the tongue, also because of a cough.

Clinton himself takes the conspiracy theories with humor. On Jimmy Kimmel's ABC Late Night Show, she asked the host to take her pulse to make sure she was alive.

By the way, Donald Trump's health has not yet been in doubt. The assessment of his health by his personal physician Harold Bornstein was published by Trump's campaign last year. And it amazes. Accordingly, Trump's laboratory values ​​are "astonishingly excellent". Trump's "physical strength and endurance are exceptional".

In conclusion, the doctor enthusiastically stated in the report: "I can clearly state that if Mr. Trump is elected, he will be the healthiest person who has ever been elected US President." (Stefan Binder, August 27, 2016)