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Resetting a password - this is usually not complicated

Oh no, I forgot my password!“- Even if this usually makes users sweat, a lost password is no big deal.

After all, programmers also expect their customers to be baffled; therefore there are actually always ways to get one reset Password allow. In this way you can quickly regain access to your personal data.

What does "reset password" actually mean?

If a password is lost, there is usually always the option of having a forgotten user password reset. This will make that old password invalid made while at the same time one new set becomes.

If users otherwise want to change a password, they usually have to log in and enter the old password. This will be here passed over.

Of course, this is not straightforward, otherwise others could enter a username alone foreign user password reset as often as you like. An intermediate step is required, which clearly identifies the user as such and a abuse such auxiliary mechanisms prevented.

How can I reset my password?

Many services work through registration through one Email Account. The easiest way how users can reset an account password is by sending a specially generated one Hyperlinks: This is sent to the respective email address, can be selected and users have full access to their data again by changing their access.

Some people may ask themselves at this point: "How can I reset the password if this is for the e-mail account?" This leads directly to the next option: the personal phone number. More and more offers are calling on their users to use the mobile number to deposit. If the password is lost, a SMS with a corresponding code or one Sequence of numbers sent - by entering the same, users usually get back to their account or to a corresponding page where they can reset their password.

Apart from that, many providers are still using it security questions. These are questions which users specify when setting up an account and which usually look like this or something similar:

  • What is your mother's maiden name?
  • What was the name of the first street you lived on?
  • What is your favourite colour?

With some offers you can security questions and corresponding reply also self determined become. By answering this, users authenticate themselves and can also reset their password - but it should be noted at this point that this method often criticized becomes.

The Security levelwhat should be given about such questions is too much low; Security answers to set questions can be found quickly by looking for people on public profiles - or by simply looking for them devices becomes.

If you enter “pizza” for your favorite food, you will probably share this answer with a whole host of other users. The security provided by a password is thus virtually obsolete.

If it is an old friend who means evil to you and happens to know your email address and pet name, then theoretically it could be without any problems access to one of your accounts.

Warning: Resetting your password can be a scam!

Sometimes you will receive an email informing you that you are a Allegedly reset password wanted even though you did not initiate this at all. Caution should be exercised with such messages, as this can be a Attempted fraud or the reference to such a thing!

In such emails sometimes Left sent, with the request to log into the corresponding accounts via this - this is how your actual access data will be used tapped. Or else, the mail really came from the respective provider because a foreign program wanted to try resetting your password from the outside.

The same applies to pop-up messages or the like that click on a alleged virus attack or indicate security gaps and include prompts such as “reset password now!”.

I can't reset my password - what now?

It all depends on which service you use. Sometimes persist More options, to to verify - about other users, for example. Otherwise there is usually always one Customer service or similar contact points that can help you with your technical problems.

Conclusion: What does "reset password" mean and how can I do that?

  • If credentials to forget a corresponding password can be reset - in this way, users can regain access to their profiles.
  • This is usually done either via the stored E-mail address or the Phone number, sometimes also by answering predetermined ones security questions.
  • If you receive a message that you have not changed your password yourself, it may be Scam.
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Resetting a password - this is usually not complicated
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